Ableton Beginner Tutorial – Music Production – Lesson 3 Arrangement View

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how do you put the music from the original view into the arrangement view?

@LiftingPeanuts calm down just pres the record button at the top next to
start/stop, play your clip, then turn off the record button. it will then
be loaded into arangement.

I don’t have the solo button, volume controler and all that stuff, what was
the shortcut to extract each track so I can see them?

I can’t see the volume button in the arrangement view 🙁

@QuapPac i switched to FL Studio 10, so much better. but yeah i have to
calm. cheers

I cant see where the area where the pan control and the extra features are
in the arrengement view. Only the block left of it i see in the screen. how
do i get it up?

@Hewtable Click “view” on the top bar, then click “Mixer”

youtube.com/watch?v=FyQtSi9qfqU My Ableton song :)listen and comment please.

@LIGHTRONIX Same here! I’ve been looking everywhere for how to do that

@SonicAcademy why couldn’t you just tell me? and i found it out in the end

And also, where should I go for mixing and mastering?

@Lauritz24 in session view right click and hold the clip u wanna move to
arrangement. Theres 2 ways to do the next part – (1) simply press the tab
button and live should change 2 arrangement. (2) if u look at session view
, just above and 2 the right of the master channel theres 3 horizontal and
3 vertical lines (1s for session and 1s for arrangemen viewt) — while
still holding the clip, move it over these lines. hope this helps 🙂

hi thank you for your videos they are very user friendly. i subscribed to
yourwebsite, can you please tell me where to find tutorials 6-13?

how do I make the track bigger vertically in arrangement? Its way too narrow

my arrangement view doesn’t show the different colours and shit like yours
does? it’s just grey even though there is music playing

I am having a problem trying to figure out how to set up one shot clips
triggering. Can anyone help me? Here is the problem: If I record a clip and
launch it, it will play all the way through, instead of stopping if I
release my finger…by the way I am using the APC40. If anyone can help I
appreciate it!

Got to Tutorials on the site… on the left hand side use the search filter
for software training… its near the middle of the page… ableton live
intro for beginners

This video told me just what I needed to know. Thanks much.

@LIGHTRONIX Just drag it onto the arrangement view icon which will change
the windows, but keep holding it, then drag that loop into one of the tracks

hey man great video! this is probley a silly question..but could someone
make a full song just using the arrangment view? and not the session view?
or are both needed to make a track?

Another awesome video. keep up the great work guys.