Advanced Music Theory for Electronic Dance Music Production in Ableton Piano Roll

Download all my music sheets here (the ones I keep referring to in the video) http://www.facebook.com/DaveCoutureMusic?sk=app_208195102528120 Check out part …
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You have prepared the suspension @ 13.30 in the video. The G4 is the
preparation note & is consonant. If you wanted a note just before that,
would it also have to be consonant because its a strong beat. What I’m
asking is when there is syncopation, how does the strong/weak beat work.?

Le meilleur video pour comprendre rapidement selon moi !?

Great tutorial.!Are there any other helpful tutorials about Music Theory in

Thanks for this great video Dave.
I assume that you are counting strong & weak beats with 8 pulses to a bar.
How would it work with 16 pulses. Which beats would be strong & weak??

Nice one Dave, I’ve watched it a few times now,I get more of it each time,
really helped. Cheers :)?

what widget are u using to put pictures on your dashboard??

Wasn’t sure if you got this:

Thanks for taking the time to come back to me it’s much appreciated.

Thanks for your further explanation also, very helpful.

Sorry I didn’t explain myself very well in my previous message, it was late
and I was sending it from my phone.

At this part of your video: http://youtu.be/S2JN_0LPQK0?t=3m47s you’re
explaining about Tonic, Predominant and Dominant chords and you flash-up
the following on screen:

Tonic – I, vi, iii
Predominant – IV, vi, ii
Dominant – V, iii, vii
(upper case are the main chords)

For the Tonic, how is vi and iii related as I thought in scale degrees you
can only have I as the tonic (tonal centre)? Same for Dominant which is
always V, how are iii and vii related?

All the best.


Great video, how did you get those pictures and notes on your dashboard
page? I try to copy and paste the docs into the notes on my dashboard and
it won’t let me because there is too many characters. ?


Brother thank you so much for this video it helped me a lot…i was
wondering if you could share those notes with the scales, circle of fiths,
progressions and all of that please this would help me memorize and fasten
my workflow ?

Ok i know, but the three a bit larger? I’m asking about this three on the
left of screen :)?

interesting tutorial. Tks.
can you tell me the name of Left widgets in your dashboard? i need this
widgets because the apple postik widget is small to make notes as you.?

great videoThanks., its a bit confusing how you started with one chord
progression & ended up with another.?

I enjoyed this video, thanks!?

thank you
even though i usually dislike tutorials where the guy takes up space in
the screen with his face, it s pointless : p?

im not sure if this is mentioned, but at 2:15 when playing the E minor – E
major, You can add a seventh to E major, producing a i – V7/iv – iv
progression, which flows nicely into A minor.?

Fantastic explanation, been looking for something like this for a long

I have a quick question. I get what the predominant chords are but I’m
confused about the lowercase chord numbers for the Tonic and Dominant you
flash up on screen. I thought there was only I for the tonic and V for the
dominant, how are the others related, you didn’t explain in the video?

All the best from the UK.?