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Best of Music Production School Articles

Now its time to prepare for the new year and get your engine running.. From music production, music business, music creativity, audio software tutorials and audio recording tutorials, here are the best music production school articles.

How to Finish the Music you Start
7 Steps on how to see the light at the end of the tunnel with your song or album.

How to Detect a Poser in the Music Business
5 ways to find who in your circle is holding you back from your dreams.

Music is Meant to Inspire – are you?
No matter where you are in life and what you’re going through, the world needs to hear your unique contribution

Mixing and Mastering Myths
When myths spread like fire across music professionals and music hobbyists, lack of creativity, inspiration and a misguided focus results..

Talent is Never Enough
Pass this on to anyone who needs some encouragement and direction with their music goals and dreams.

EQ Settings, Music Production Equalizer Settings
This article will give you instant results as soon as you apply these principles.

Bass Drum Compression; Compressing a Kick Drum
Compression takes only one tutorial and then application until your ears here it. This is what you need to get started unlocking compression.

Selling Beats and Getting your Music in the Right Hands
As the music industry gets crowded, many people have asked how do I get my beats in the right hands, how do I meet big time producers, how do I get a manager, how do I get on radio, what’s the best way to get signed and many other similar questions…. All of these questions can be aligned with one simple and crazy answer…

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