Dance Music Production Tutorial

Dance Music Production Tutorial

In this video I show you how you can produce professional sounding dance music without having to spend a fortune on software and hardware.


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I’m proud to say I’ve made lots of tunes with Greg since 2001. The most
famous was ‘Panzan’ but that wasn’t the original name. Our email to Impact
Recordings at the time became corrupted. The original name ‘Pans And
Bottles’, named after the kitchen equipment we used for the main sounds of
the tune, was cut off to leave us with the name everyone now knows.
Great video Greg, hilarious. Looking forward to breaking open more hi-hat
lager soon mate.?

This tutorial is fantastic. Seriously, I love this guy.?

I think that egg container sound proofing is actually gonna work. I have
seen it at some amateur studios.?

hahaha thank you man! The best tips available on the internet!?

Acid machine looks very dangerous. ;)))?

Greg Brookman FTW!!!
You gotta get a plastic, “pound shop special” toy gun to complete your set
up Greg. Those bad boys cover EVERY percussion sound you could ever
possibly desire. Try for the machine gun model. Built in beat
repeat/stutter edit/granular effect.
Childs play, just like “One Knob” EDM production should be! We don`t wanna
work, just make da phat girls twerk! =D?

ROFL!!! That beer can snare sound is EPIC!!! Thanks for sharing. You
just made my day!?

Greg, I am envious of your setup. AbleLogicBass ftw and that incredible red
synth, must be the A1 … hahahah?

what’s the name of this guy???

Oh damn, that 909 open hat cracked me up!?