Free Pop Punk Guitar Lesson How To Write Pop Punk Riffs



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i really want to sign up but im from uk and i worry its going to keep
charging me šŸ™ ?

Hey, its an ESP and the model is LTD M250 :-)?

And with that sir I have bought your course?

Huh, huh, hey dude, he said “pop poonk”?

freddy how do you play like fall out boy??

Would this also apply to Bass guitar??

Check out Cacophony Compositions on facebook if you’re a musician who
prefers playing to writing, get your songs written for you!?

so if I was to play notes of g major on the A string? this wouldn’t follow
the 0-2-4-5-7-9-11 rule would it? ?

Hey Freddy good video (: I was wandering what a good distortion pedal would
be for green day styled playing? Thanks mate?

Damn i know ALL of these riffs! :D?

I would buy your lessons if you add german subs ^^?

hi does anyone know, if I was playing a song in the key of G major? and I
wanted to add a single string riff? would I then need to play it on the g
string? ?

3:40 Angels & Airwaves-Call To Arms?

Do minor scales on each string

This is fantastic! I have signed up for this and if you want to write pop
punk you really need to do it!?

Great video bro keep it up!!! ^ _ ^ add me on Facebook? Lookin glass mirror


W=Whole Step
H=Half Step

Can’t believe u never said that, lol. I’m trying to learn the C major scale
pattern across the whole neck right now, opening a lot of doors for me.
Great vid, I’ll check out your site. ?