Fruity loops: Proggressive House Melody Tutorial

Hey! Here is my first tutorial! Like if you want me to do some more, I really just made this fast tutorial to start this channel. But suggest some things I can do.

And I am sorry for the sound in this video, and that may be in my future videos, but there is not much i can do.

this tutorial will help you start making your own beats and songs in no time this is a tutorial on the basics of fruity loops what the buttons do and how to use them. if you guys like the vid pls like and subscribe thanks much luv
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hey, can u send me the nexus plugin??

what is this edition of fruity loops i have producer edition?

To support the group that makes it so they have more money to improve it and make new stuff.

What, Nexus? This is sylenth1 šŸ˜€

not really a melody its just a chord progression

Does any one have a link to a free download of nexus full and syltenth 1 full. Send me a private message with the links please.

why to by???? there is a torrent šŸ˜‰

no nexus dose not come with fl studio you have to buy it

The nexus panel is from Fruity Loops?

im new to fl any help will thanks?

I've used fruity for years straight away this video showed me my issue getting the timeline in view. eesh thx?

U forgot glitch hop, its the only genre thats at 110 bpm?

How do you add a pattern to a track?Thanks?

I have both ableton and fruity loops, just got fruity loops and this video could not have more more simple and enjoyable! You got a sub buddy! Thanks for the simple help!?

This is just beginnnnning ?

Lmao someones calling me…?

very helpful video bro just downloaded the app and thanks too you I have a better understanding you from South Africa by any chance its cause of the accent lol?

Ableton i prefer more but its up to uĀ ?