Garageband Tutorial For Beginners – 5 Things You Need To Know

http://thegaragebandguide.com A Garageband Tutorial for beginners. In it, I take you through 5 things that every aspiring Garageband Ninja NEEDS to know! 0:2…
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Came for the tips. Stayed for the accent.?

Damn, I thought this would be a lot of fun for me to play around with since
i am retired, but this is like a job. Damn.?

Okay, honestly, this is not basic. You’ve not explained how to really work
the program as a beginner. I’m a past LMMS user, so trying to use this
program is proving to be truly difficult. I’ll find a different video.?

Why does your garageband look diffrent from mines??

Thank you so much! This was really informative and useful! And nice project
name btw!?

What kind of mic do you recommend to use with Mac for adding vocals to the

how much is this app and can use it on Pc or android.?

Love your song title! Do you have a tutorial for GarageBand 10? (which I am
just starting on) It is quite different from the version in the above
tutorial. Thanks.?

Can’t understand a damn word he said?

Here are some of my freebie professional song title suggestions for up and
coming composers.
Mrs. Longbottom’s got her old man’s shorts on.

If yah butters yah toast yah botters yah bottocks.

Grabba packa phagsaday and hope to keep your lungs in play.

A smidgeon of this and a bit o’ that keeps the tummy nice and phat.

Canyah hear it now yahve BassBoomed it for a good twenty yahrs?

Plug your ears and Addle your brain, like you’ll never pass this way again!

Pass the grog and swill it dahn, see who can be first to drahn!

Riddle me Ree Oh Riddle me Ree, who just piddlededeed on my knee !

A Carrion Crow once carried on a bit too much for me, so I shot it !

An Apple a day’ll keep the earphones in play, but never keep the Ear Doctor

Grab a Grannie night comes but once a year, Grandads be ready for a bit of
good cheer!

Saddle me up with nought but a horse and I’ll ride into battle always on

Give me a fig and I won’t give a fiddle !

Knowing how to do everything is the best way to get nothing done at all.

If men were only once Apes, how come they still call me Neanderthal man?

Jiggle my coins but don’t jiggle my bits.

It’s a Hard life being a Hard Drive, I get dizzy all the time.

Mamma’s little baby loves short’nin’ short’nin’ Mamma’s little baby loves
snortin’ in bed !

Hey ho heave oh, my boat moored my slip.

Katerina mine, buried since WW2.

Live today for tomorrow is dead by the day after.

Sun shine on my face, my back’s against the wall!

Arthuritis may come, but he won’t get my wife !

Believe in something for nothing is worth believing in.

That’s your lot for freebies……….others will be $10 a pop !

All donations should be sent to Medicins Sans Frontieres…….just tell
them I sent you !


your lack of communication astounds me ?