High Rankin Music Production Masterclass – Dubstep in Ableton Live

High Rankin Music Production Masterclass - Dubstep in Ableton Live

http://www.pointblankonline.net/courses/pro-producer-courses.php – We were very excited to welcome to the Point Blank studios dubstep DJ/producer High Rankin…
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Friends don’t let friends listen to brostep, hearing damage is no joke ?

They all look so wide eyed and nervous lmfaoo?

110 bpm for dupstep?? Wtf thats moombahton or glitch hop m8?

welcome to the masterclass….where none of the student know what a
wavetable or bandwidth is….dont hate on him because you showed up to a
masterclass as a novice?

“some choppy vocal shit that is very popular with the youth of today”
hahahahaa the mindset of a producer?

@Jordan Lyons wait your turn! She can’t fuck us all at once!?

I wasnt feeling his choice of sounds. It sounded too generic ?


This is like the most boring come dine with me ever.?

Am i the only one who thinks he looks like Lassiter from Psych??

You had me at ‘Meow Meow and F*** You Virtual DJ’?

The song at 2:00 is High Rankin – Keep Rocking btw..?

its as if he didn’t even make it, he was surprised at some of the things he

whats the name of the song?