House Music Production Tutorial (Creating a Drop) 1 of 2

This is for those new to House Music production. I am using Protools HD to mix although I created the song in Logic Pro 8. Creating a “drop” is a science in …


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the drop is NOT like the chorus. totally different

I need you to help me. I write amazing garage songs, lyrics but I suck at
making music, how can I go around that. I really want to make a demo of my
lyrics, and I am looking a partner who is great at making garage beats. I
got the vocals covered as well as lyrics. I am really great with creating
amazing lyrics. The lyrics is my forte, so what tool should I used where
could I train for that??

can’t say this helped me out with anything

i really need help making the bass and melody for house music

@tunnabrix well i wouldnt exactly say that. some people cant afford
hardware so they rely on fl. you get me?

Let the beat drop damnit…

I started with Daw’s like 10 years ago and messed around for a couple of
years and stopped producing music. Recently, I downloaded Ableton Live demo
and had a hard time with the unusual workflow. Everything in your video
makes sense, from the hats cutting out cuz of the gaps to the volume
automation. I like what I saw here with Protools. I’m about to shell out
for a DAW. I can’t afford more than one. Im goin with protools because I
like the traditional workflow. Shiny Disco Balls = EPIC!

examples of good music is on my page. come see, I hope you like it šŸ™‚

nice video, and i like how you emphasize positivity! good man. anyway, i
also liked how you talked about your line of thinking about whats going to
get people going and what will create excitement. im a complete amatuer but
thats what i always try to think about. thanks for posting! i look forward
to more from you

please good let it be actual techno

nice one man. chance of a vid in Logic?

Some nice tips there, thanks! (excuse my bad english)

hey man nice video i like the way you think and explain things

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!! leave the pause in the hat part…. it sounds perfect
and brings rythm to your build up…. GOSH

FL is 4 monkeys compared to Pro Tools & Logic. Maybe an alright way 2 start
but u better move on frm it fast…