How to choose the right sound card / audio interface for your computer music studio, tutorial

How to choose the right sound card / audio interface for your computer music studio, tutorial

Download my free Ableton e-book: http://vespers.ca/free/ How do you choose the right soundcard for your computer music studio or to DJ with Ableton Live? This HD tutorial shows you all the…


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Question: My old Soundblaster Audigy 2zs soundcard finally died yesterday.
I was using it for Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 and Cakewalk Sonar X2.
My question is: What type of sound cards will do the same job as my SB
Audigy 2zs? Example: I want to be able to use Cakewalk to trigger the
internal and external midi sound files that I have here in order to produce
multitrack songs. Is there such a card that can handle the job as well as
my SB Audigy 2zs? Well, with Windows 8 I ran into some compatibility issues
here and there with Guitar Rig 4, but it had worked for me for nearly 10
years.. Any information would be greatly appreciated. MaxS?

Thank you brother, It helped me to take the sound quickly. I was searching
for the long time. The got the answer from you. You are genius. ?

very good tutorial. the guy at home music studio 1 was like listening to
Ray Romano rambling and not saying anything. Yours is precise, clear, to
the point. ty I’ve been using an old EMU 0404 and i think i killed it
finally. but i liked the software as far as effects. I also like the idea
of live applications. i suppose the best thing about an outboard interface
is, i can use it for multiple computers. PC at home, laptop on the road.
now i have to find a laptop that will handle basic playing of softsynths

Hey DJ Vespers, I’m new with all of these so pardon my asking. I need a
cheap laptop. Can I use the Asus x205ta or HP Stream 11 to run Ableton and
use it on our band gig using my Novation Impulse? I only have an iMac and
no laptop. Macbook Pro too expensive for me. I just need a budget laptop
to run Ableton during our gigs. That’s it. If you have other
recommendations, let me know. Thanks for your advice. ?

+DJ Vespers I’m about to get into a bit higher end setup for my home studio
Long story short I was considering a Roland Quad capture, But have
considered upgrading up to a MOTU, Microphones and some new instruments are
taking up a lot of the budget so i’m looking around $200-500. Done
extensive research and haven’t found any reason to get anything over the
roland, and no reasons to avoid it, found this video on an old PC
bookmarks, thought i’d rewatch it, can always learn from the past afterall,
if you have any additional thoughts though i’d love to hear.?

Hey Dj Vespers, what do you think of the iconnectmidi2 as a way to sync
multiple computers/hardware?
I’ve recently ordered one and I was wondering if you know that piece of
equipment and maybe could give me some feedback? If not then just ignore
Thanks for the video, definitely helpful.?

Hello, I’m using an HP Pavilion dv7-4077cl with Windows 7 64-bit, and I
want to create some soundtracks using LMMS, but I don’t what sound card
should I buy, can you give me a recommendation??

Such an informative video.. Thank you very much…

I just have a small question…
Does investing in sound card make any significant difference ? Is there any
significant difference when processed by an expensive audio interface?
Can you tell by just listening to a song that which audio interface it must
have been recorded up on?
Of course there must be a difference, and that’s why people buy them.. lol.
but my question is, if i have two options for my fist Audio Interfaces,
ranging around $100 or so. Does it make any difference regarding sound
quality? (of course $1000 Audio interface will be better).?

I’m getting more into recording and I already have a Onyx Blackjack 2×2
interface. I only want to get better pre-amp’s and was wondering if it is
worth getting a new interface with better pre’s. Or if I would be better
off buying a 2 channel pre like a RNP 8380. Or a few single channel pre’s
like GA Pre-73’s. Either way I will be spending the same amount of money. ?

Very well made, informative and easy to understand. Thanks!?

hi,i was wondering if i could link 2 soundcards to work together,i ve got
an internal steinberg card and a steinberg ur22 interface.can the 2 work
together to give me more input and outputs ?

Very useful
very professional ,
sentence and language is understandable even to amateurs from foreign
country (I’m one of them), that should look all lessons in internet
big respect man?

Great vid thank you. Please could you talk also about types of Microphones
and suggested interfaces for imac. My Lexicon has been great but wanting to
upgrade with more inputs but just found that many of the models are now
defunct or not compatible/will not be supported for Apple. I am using
Yosemite and Protools 11. I am a singer and teacher Mainly Musicals and
Swing/Sinatra Era songs? Thanks so much in advance – Aindre Health and
Happiness for 2015?

+DJ Vespers I think you just might have solved my problem. But I wanted to
check with you before I did it. My last song I completed had some major
aliasing up in the high end. I’ve tried literally everything, besides
changing to 96000. My main question is should I change my in/out sample
rate to 96,000 as well as my sample rate in the export tab? Or just one or
the other??