focus on your music brilliance

How to Focus on your Music Brilliance

“What we must decide is perhaps how we are valuable rather than how valuable we are.” (Edgar Z. Friedenberg)

Record companies used to develop artists into the best writers, musicians, and performers. Today, I find artist’s are getting lost in the DIY. The catch? Without the ‘Do it Yourself’ Approach, nothing would get done for artists with no funding.. The challenge becomes how to recoup from the loss of focus, music creativity and inspiration.

Here’s How to Focus on your Music Brilliance:

What is it that you are truly brilliant at? What is it that you find yourself always thinking about during the day – which aspect of your ‘artistry’ is it? Do you hurry home every day to write more songs, write more music, to dance, to sing, to play an instrument, to work on setting up your music business? Whichever it is and whatever order you enjoy it in will determine your music brilliance, your musical value…

By spending time in areas you’re already valuable in, you can get to your goals quicker by finding others who can help you in the areas your uncomfortable in. It is proven that you are more efficient by doing the things you love and eventually, it can make the parts you don’t love flow much smoother… Through time, your talents will start to even out in all areas of the music process.

Either way though, you’ll need to Invest in your Music Business if you want to take your music from hobby to professional. Just remember, your daily focus is to not get lost in the process. When doing those things you don’t like to do always remember to make time focusing on what you love and you’ll find your passion just around the corner…

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