How To : Logic Pro 9 QUICK NAVIGATION TIPS – Music Production Tutorial

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thanks a lot, most useful. Do you also have a shortcut to go back to
beginning, like “the page up-arrow” does in garageband??

Thx a lot man you help me with my music when I was getting started! LOGIC!
This is the best! program!!!!!!!!! All my music made in logic!!!!! CHECK

1st youtube comment ever. glad to learn this shit 6 years into working w/
logic, never opened the manual. Very helpful, so I thank you. But dude, Im
82% sure that im not the only 1 who doesnt know what the hell a zed key is.
Granted, Ill prolly have figured it out by the time u read this, or maybe
not, i may wana smoke sum weed instead, either way, right now, I just
learned sum cool shit n i cant go play.. I mean, U explained the Apple Key
for Pete’s sake! My cat knows that, and she’s PC!

this is amazing man thanks so much !

Hi really useful tutorial. But I am not sure about your Z key instruction.
When I use the Z key it changes the width of channel and not the way your
demonstrating it too. I have the standard kay commands set up as well.

@rveezee1 The brittish use “zed” for the letter “Z”

@cadrums Man, your absolutely right, and very wise. Guess thats cause you
use wikipedia as a reference, we all know how spot on they are. And believe
me, not a day goes by that my friends and I dont curse our school system
for not teaching us the word “zed,” they sure screwed us there. If only we
had gone to your schools, we too could have such fascinating nationality
issues like yourself. guess ill go burn these 3 dictionaries claiming zed
is a noun, clearly their wrong. Thnx for the lesson

How do i set up the count in to 6 seconds without hearing the clicking
sound during playback and recording

Cheers man, these tips are really handy šŸ™‚

Thanks. Didn’t know about the “zed” one, but had all the others.

very funny, “zed. u were saying “i-zed” lol idk. very helpful video. keep
it up. like i said i need the info. i need to get back on par. thanks!

thank you!! huge help in increasing the speed of my workflow!! especially
the zooming in and out

i have lack of knowledge im screwd

@kismetjerome duh zed is a noun.. person place or thing its the z key..
thats a thing if your referring to outside of the us where everyother
english speaking country. use zed for z. then your right. but hes
referencing the z key which is a thing…

@kismetjerome How do i set up the count in without hearing the click sound