How To Make Beats With Logic Pro X (a beginner-level tutorial)

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i love your tutorials man i just purchased native instrument komplete 10 i
hope some tutorials on that.
there is a lot of instrument there and i want to make hip hop beats and i
don’t know where to start.
again thank you for the tutorials i hope to see more ?

U r the real deal, too many wannabeez out there. Keep up the good work.?

Excellent tutorial, thank you very much. Also what accent is that lol it’s
bugging me, I can’t figure out where you are from??

Wow… This tutorial is amazing man! I learned some new things and i thank
you for that! Sometimes theres tutorials that suck at explaining things and
you were straight to the point! Thanks man! Quick question, would you mind
making a tutorial on Deep House that would be really helpful man! Thanks
Again! ?

At 16:58 when you double click the rectangles to pop out the new bar on the
side, for me it doesn’t do that. Is there any other way to get the sidebar
to pop out or do I need to change a setting??

Is there any specific reason why I can’t see the piano roll/piano keys when
I double click on my track ???

iam your subscriber #3000 🙂 ?

wonderful…just wonderful!!! sending love and appreciation from Africa?

The best tutorial I’ve seen for beginners of Logic Pro basically broke it
down Barney style. Thanks look forward to seeing more content?

Thank you for helping us i’m loving it.. from Pakistan ?

maybe i did it wrong when i downloaded it. but i don’t have those shaker
options for instruments. am i supposed to download another plug in or

rudimentary… that’s the word you were looking for. ;-)?

absolutely best tutorial on the youtube, clean, smooth, well explained and
easy to understand, thank u alot and keep more coming please.

If i can suggest some; electro/prog house tut. from beginnin
-How to make and start an EDM melody(chords/record&piani etc) Part (Fully
explained w/details, at last one hour 🙂 )
-How to make Build up to the drop (from melody to build up) (snares used
etc, full explaination)
-How to make break down and A melody Drop?

-And how it can become a banger!! Mastering and Mixer work part

Thank u in advance i dont know will u do these, but if u do, u will be gain
in short time alot of peoples attention because you doing this perfectly,
and theres really none good logic x used tutorials on the youtube, keep the
good work up.?

Can you please make a progressive house tutorial?? 😀 ?

awesome tutorial, i learnt a lot in short time, thanks for having a passion
to teach others, blessings to you.?

Wow.. This guy doesnt blink.. ever… But great tutorial. Thanks a lot! ?

That’s awesome! I really like that ending beat/song lol.?

How you voice record I’ve tried to do it & my mic acting up neither I can
hear myself on my headphones ?

At around the 17 minute mark when you select notes from the piano roll and
double click, for me the window with the velocity doesn’t come up on the
side…. Please Help!!!?

would logic x be good for beginners if no do you have any programs to
suggest?? ?

What’s the song at the very end and the beginning

i was wondering if anyone could help me my Logic Pro X won’t play like a
lot of my loops when i click them and no sound comes out not even the mixer
volume picks it up?