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Theres no formula for song writing. its spontaneous. The first 30 songs you
write will suck. so throw them away and start again. i only realized this
after playing my first set of songs over and over again, when you get bored
of your own songs, then its crap. the more you do it, the better you get.
1.dont write cliches, be original. 2. dont try be too deep, people may not
be able to hold their breath as long as you (if you know what i mean) 3. if
you take yourself too seriously, then the creativity suffers. these are all
the donts. the dos are all up to you. thats the beauty.?

I Would Like To Compose A song I have lyrics But I dont Know How TO Play
Instruments Will u Help me?

this is good but there is another ways to?

comes with the feeling automatically…….lyrics expresses our feels so it
cant be taught…..its something that we already have……BUT HAVE to

I’m righting a song it’s called I thought he liked me?

I play eletric guitar and I listen to metallica and metal I really want to
learn how to right my own music ?

You should write w.e you feel like writing. There is no specific way, its
music, its emotion, its spontaneous. ?

Is it just me or did Marty indirectly insult her in his how to write a song

Actually this is not how to write a song, it’s how to write song lyrics.
There is a difference. ?

I wrote my first song recently!It’s just a guitar piece with no lyrics, but
i would love if any of you could check it out šŸ™‚ (the video is called
“first sight”)?

Well, I did that but I’m not sure if it’s funny or hateful…?

Song writing is individual/personal and thats what shes doing. Shes just
showing her way. Dont be so personal about it not being the same as u do
it. I think u r great btw and very attractive. X x?

I know this has nothing to do with it but, I think she’s so pretty.?

“don’t ore us get to the chorus” – Foo Fighters, KISS, aerosmith?

I just can’t write a song for shit. I don’t know what tune I want because
it always ends up sounding similar to an already existent one, and I don’t
know what rhythm and how to sing the lyrics into the tune( even if I did
have a tune) I’m finding this so fucking difficult :(?

Sorry but your trying to teach people an artform, your thinking about
things too much rather than feeling things, music is for feeling not
thought, thought the song was average, just saying ?

this is wonderful love it smiles from Cape Town?

Cool name nice video but I recommend expanding a little on what to do with
the four circle idea chart afterwards. I really like the idea though and
will use this today for a song im writing called “I used to get drunk” ?