How To Write A Song – Top Ten Tips

The first episode of the Top Ten Tips series

My top tips for writing songs


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Music by: Sam Biggs


I understood ok, until you got to step 4. Then you lost me and I was kind of confused. But I did like the video. ?

How about ten tips of a half-an-hour, instrumental, progressive music epic, changing styles and keys while still making it sound good and still comvey messages. Without the goal of making it popular, or radio-friendly, if you can do that i'll be proud?

This is useless to anyone that isn't writing conventional and/or Pop.

Try using these parameters when making something progressive or experimental, see how far you get.?

I always make chorus's first n this is b4 I seen this so wat should I do ?

Oh,….Be sure to include a hook…and make sure it's catchy……Now THERE'S some objective advice. Ā  Maybe that's what I've been doing wrong!!!!?

rename the video "how to write a cheesy pop song"?

I wrote a song named words can hurt. I got the idea of the title as I used to get bullied?

All I do to write a rap is I just write a rhyming poem (it doesn't have to be rhyming) and just say, it fast with loads of feeling and boom it's a rap lol ?

You : Don't just write about the first thing that comes into your head.
Me : But the point of me and my life is starting something and getting done with it no matter how crappy the results or grades are. Meaning to say I have no patience..?

i can sing but i cant write songs sighhh?