Ingrid Michaelson Performs “The Way I Am” at ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO

http://www.ascap.com/expo Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson performed her beloved song “The Way I Am” at the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 30th 2011 as part…
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3:16 love the way she says that<3?

I love that she’s such a quirky little bird.?

i actually welled up a bit ngl?

I plan to walk down the aisle to this song :)?

Never heard a live TV audience as quiet as this one.?

I see your point, just not sure her self-depreciation is genuine. It seems
a little contrived, that’s all.?

wow, she sounds great live…great talent.?

what is her ukulele tuned to? (Sorry if this is double posted).?

I love this because I have been there -done this on soooo many songs that I
have written lol?

She says there isn’t a special story behind the song, but she sings the
words like she means them.?

Read the story wherever you are my love will find you?

Just saying, she doesn’t start the song until 2:15?

Don’t suppose any of you sharp eyed/eared ukelele players can tell what
chords she’s using here could you? I’m a beginner and wanna play this song
but can’t quite tell what they are.?

Such a voice and love the lyrics!?

Talented AND funny???? Be still my heart?

she really ought to play it on the ukulele more! it sounds amazing!?

The most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Can someone please tell me what
she’s plucking/chords for plucking??

I think she is talented – but she comes off as a bit smug, which is a bit
off-putting. ?

Hit? I like lots of her songs. She’s too modest, she has lots of hits.?

I relay love her style, she will go a long way.?