Martin Garrix In The Studio With Future Music

Martin Garrix In The Studio explaining how he created his UK number one and platinum selling club smash, Animals using Image-Line’s FL Studio software. CREDITS Producer – Chris Barker Video…
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Everyone’s criticizing him for basically not knowing what he’s doing all
the way. Yes, he used pirated software, yes he did not know some terms,
but half of you dick heads would do the same thing. I bet everyone on this
comment section has pirated music in their iTunes libraries and would much
rather go for a free version of a plug-in than an over-priced add-on.. At
least he follows his dream and has fun with it?

how to make 14 million dollars:

step 1: buy a big room house sample pack

step 2: make an unoriginal shitfuck of loops and samples, compress and
distort the asshole out of it, and don’t forget the pryda snare!

step 3: either be swedish or have Lil John scream in your track. (both work
just as well)?

I came here from the SAVANT one! And I m just wondering if Martin really
knows what he is doing? ?

Dubstep is the hardest genre to make ?

Hello, my name is Justin. Have you always wanted to be the most pretentious
thing created by man? Well, look no further! Thanks to the growing
popularity of Electronic Dance Music, becoming pretentious as fuck is as
easy as 1 2 3! Now, I’m going to show you how to be one of the most
pretentious thing in the world, EDM fans!

Step 1. Hate anyone that is mainstream. It doesn’t matter if they have some
actual good music. If one of their songs hits number one on the Beatport
Charts, hate them. And, for extra points, shove less popular artists down
everyone’s throat.
Does someone like Martin Garrix? TELL THAT UNCULTURED SWINE TO GET A

Step 2. Argue about sub-genres. Someone says that a song is dubstep? Make
sure you shove down the fact that it’s not dubstep down their fucking
throats. Before you know it, you’ll be part of the orgy of EDM fans arguing
over if a song is electro or big room house! So, if someone says that W&W
is dubstep, say no its not, it’s electro.

Step 3. This is one of the more unimportant parts, but it’s still
important. Make sure to always suck the dicks of artists that are
well-known and mainstream enough for a lot of people to know who they are,
but not well-known and mainstream enough to hit the Beatport Charts. For
example, Martin Garrix makes a song called Error 404, say something like

Step 4.The final step. Now, this is the most important step. You have to
dislike one sub-genre. But not in the way that you can still stay calm and
collective. No, you have to go on the music video of any popular artists of
the sub-genre you hate, and make sure you tell everyone you hate both the
artist and sub-genre. If you hate dubstep, go on a Skrillex music video,
STUPID FCUKING IDIOTS. This goes hand and hand with Steps 1 and 2, that’s
why it’s so important

And now, you are FINISHED! You are now what everyone hates about EDM; the
horrible fantards! Make sure to not accept anyone’s opinions. And never
listen to the artists you like, only hate on the ones others like. See ya!

He’s using a pirated version of Sylenth, “Licensed to Team AIR”.?

My songs are way better produced then this shit and i’m an 15 year old?

While all you people are busy genre-bashing each other I’ll be busy trying
to figure out how this kid has time to tour, make a platinum album and keep
his grades high enough to make it to high school next year?

You guys are all hating on him because he used a cracked Sylenth and makes
Big Room but nobody is holding you from doing the same and I don’t see
anyone of the haters in the Beatport top 100 with their track or on
Itunes!! ?


I’m laughing at him because he literally explained what samples he used to
make this

He doesn’t know what any of the fucking knobs do which is why he just plays
the sound to explain what it does, or just awkwardly says “..yy..yeah”.

Any producer who has at least a year of experience knows what these knobs

so using sample loops, samplers, doing 1 poor melody makes u 4th dj in the
world. fuck this world -_-?

I haven’t read the comments, but I’m guessing they’re a bunch of butthurt
producers saying Garrix is untalented and something about using samples and
presets. I don’t necessarily think he IS talented, this is just a guess…?

What the FUCK is he doing here? 10:40 Sounds like a 7 year old messing
about…then he gives up! Must need more coffee. ?

You can just press ”reverse” in the options, you don’t need to render it
out and stuff… or am I missing something? lol?