Maschine 2.0 Tutorial – DRUM SYNTH Sound Design & making a house beat

Listen to my music on Spotify – http://spoti.fi/1aLginS Maschine 2.0 features a great new Drum Synth with a world of sound design possibilities. In this vide…


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Question, around 9:20 you say you are adding your three kicks to the same
group so only one of them plays at the same time… but they were already
in the same group… I don’t understand this step. Could anyone expand on

thanks for the walk through, was very helpful.?

is the polyphony on the kick synths automatically set to 1? or how do we

nice vid.

the freebies are pretty good

remember you also get Massive for free with maschine too. (that alone would
be good enough šŸ™‚

people who say its overpriced don’t really have a clue how much stuff you
actually get with maschine?

hi, what software are you using to capture the sound and screen? no matter
what capture program i use, it wont work with asio4all?

Fuck this, I’m purchasing the Maschine 2 upgrade just for this drum synth.?

great and wonderful video, all my respect for wasting your time showing us
all these great stuff. liked and subscribed:))?

This helps alot i will buy the mk2 soon and the 2.0 software is just
amazing love the drumsynth so simple to use and so good :D?

Hi dear I need help fom you u can ?? ?