MMS Music Production Tutorial : Writing a Bass Line

MMS Music Production Tutorial : Writing a Bass Line

In this video, Ableton Certified MMS tutor Tom Lonsborough demonstrates a bit of basic music theory which should help you out when trying to come up with a k…
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This has been a lightbulb moment for me – Thanks Tom!?

i never thought that i would watch a video about writin a bassline.ground
zero, minor 3rd, minor 7, 12 semitones up.make them twins.one octave up
minor 3, minor 7th…..mathematik mathematik alles mathematik pah ey. thats
great but it’s messin up my head for the moment ive got to get my synthbass
and stop thinkin about it. im sure this tutorial will bring me back to the
future! thank you sir!?

thanks this is very helpful smiles from Cape Town?

Thanks Andy, glad that I can be of assistance. There are sooooooo many
tracks that have these intervals in, too many to list, but hopefully you’ll
get an ear for them!

Hi Ice, It’s called a minor 7th because it’s the 7th degree of the minor
scale. In western music heptatonic (7 unique tones per octave) is the most
common form of scale. To work out the notes in a minor scale, take any
starting note on the keyboard, then you can work out the intervals with the
formula TSTTSTT – where T=tone, and S=semitone. Semitone is the adjacent
note, Tone is the next but one. Let me know if you need any help with this!

Thanx for this tut. Sound great so i am going to experient with this 🙂