Novation // Ableton Live Launch Control production tutorial

Ableton Live Launch Control production tutorial Subscribe to NovationTV: http://bit.ly/NovationTV ~ Click ‘show more’ for additional information! Three tips for electronic music performance…
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Hello there, I got a question: if you are controlling the volume of the
first track, for example, and you decide to turn all the way up, you use
the first knob on the left, second row OK? Then you wanna control the send
B of the same track, so you have to use the same knob. Now, how this is
possible to do it without messing with the knob? I mean, the knob is
already on the right! It’s obvious that the second you touch that knob the
effect on the send B will be activated at its maximum. For this reason, you
wanna reduce the amount of send B and put the knob, for example, on the
left side. How about the track volume? Same problem!
In conclusion: same knob for different functions: how can you manage it
properly ?
Thank you in advance?

Not much of an out-of-the-box tutorial if Live 9 Lite isn’t being used.?

This tutorial was horrible!!! I am very confused, this video was very bland
and not specific enough to show me all the details and steps I needed to
know in order to use my launch control to its full potential. There were no
instructions included in the box, and it seems there are no online videos
to help answer my plethora of questions. I am very frustrated.?

HELP, i cant select launch control when i go to preferences and click
control service it wont show up but the other things do like launchpad?

Does launhpad works i. Windows 8??

It would be nice to have a tutorial of the user templates mode, i dont get
how it works ?

I dont speak english too well.?

I dont speak english too well.?

Does launchpad work with Windows 7?????

I’m a proud owner of an original launchpad and want to be a proud owner of
one of those t-shirts. Where can I get one??

fantastic technology that would lead you to conclude it could unleash
hidden creative potential in many more people – unfortunately the opposite
seems to happen, it reveals the banal mediocre boring shallow petty ego,
marketing and media driven crap that fills the world of music today. Great
gear from Ableton, but where are the artists??