separate creativity from learning

Separate Creativity from Learning while Writing your next Music Production or Song

“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.” (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

Get silent, get away and write your next music production or song. It’s most important to separate your creativity from learning during this time.

…taking some time away from the noise and removing all clutter inside your mind, follow the inspiration and creativity that slowly begins to emerge. Disregard negative thought activity and pay close attention to the different words, images, and landscapes of creativity that pop into your mind. Afterwards, follow the road to your next music production, song or poem…

Avoid learning anything during this time. It takes practice to resist, however, learning during inspiration can stifle your flow and momentum of ideas.

Tutorial: Separate Creativity from Learning while Writing your
next Music Production or Song
1) Practice ‘thinking about what you’re thinking about’ If you’re not inspired, chances are you’re thoughts are focused on things that are not inspiring.
2) Separate Creativity Time from Learning Time When you get away, don’t learn. Take what you have already learned and use it! It’s time for you to reach back and give it all you got with what you already know.
3) Learning Time: When you are reading a manual, learning something new, its not the best time to be creative.

Follow inspiration, creativity and learn to separate your creativity from learning time. By getting away and separating your learning and creative time, you’ll find yourself less frustrated, more creative and in less time.

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