SONAR X3 Clinic by Craig Anderton – Berklee Online

SONAR X3 Clinic by Craig Anderton - Berklee Online

Watch, learn, and listen to the Chief Magic Officer: Craig Anderton outline a number of his favorite features in SONAR X3 including: -The MIDI advantage for songwriting -Using loops for both…


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i know I shouldn’t laugh 37:58 but how does this guy not know what comping
is ? lol.
im sorry, just thought it was a little funny.
I love this video, it just gives a great example of how flexible this
software really is.
hope Craig does another on of these.?

I came here trying to find out something..
But i forgot what it was and learnt 10 other things! Good video!?

How do you export a midi track into and audio file in sonar ??

He’s going very fast and doesn’t explain what the key presses are to do the
various things he is showing. Lightning fast…?

I just noted Craig – when you did your audio to MIDI conversion, then
reduced the lengths of MIDI notes for Bass, you left the ‘Start Times’
checked. That’s why the bass notes were coming in earlier in the resulting
edit. (Happens around 14 minutes in)?

X3 is probably the last DAW I will ever have to buy, it is that perfect.
Cakewalk is going to have to work some real magic to top it.?

Please finalize the sound! It’s hard to hear what’s been said on a lap top

I have question: Why after I name the track’s instruments on each track.
Close program, reopen. The instruments are gone. Thanks.?

“It does auido-midi conversion”

around the 4 min mark, the presenter briefly explains that he uses a “side
chaining” percussion effect on the guitar, and solos the guitar track to
show how the percussive effect is tied to the drum track…very cool…but
he gives no explanation of how that was actually achieved…not cool.
Teacher, please teach instead of showing off.?

Does this work with Windows XP??

Awesome guy awesome knowledge Many thanks for sharing.?