Songwriter’s Tutorial #2, “Songwriting Ideas” “song writing tips”

http://www.myhollywoodstar.com/ http://www.ezpianochords.com/ This is the second songwriter’s tutorial.. This one is a where to as well as a how to for getti…


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@drwhoboy123 Thank you for being so supportive always. I appreciate your

Tom,that is really interesting. I really needed something like this. This
will hopefully turn me into an awesome songwriter in the future. Great

@eyepatchinc I had not heard that. I heard about the Mayan calendar. Also
the comet heading toward Earth and the Wolf Creek Dam breaking. Lots of
good story lines for songwriters. Thanks.

@eyepatchinc Thanks. I have a feeling April of 2012 will be a Titanic month.

Thank you I’m 12 and you gave me a lot of ideas! Your great!

@Featureman …unless the world ends on may 21st, 2011 as many are starting
to believe… maybe someone can write a song about that.

You give the BEST advice tom! always!…. I have learned so much and your
tips AMAZING! and so creative.. THANK YOU (:

@littledreams100 That is excellent. I began writing songs while I was in my
teens so you are already ahead of me at your age. Thanks.

lol its kinda funny sometimes im sitting in my desk and im singing and then
im like omg! these lyrics sounds awsome but when i get a pen and paper i
forget.. lol

@rpbraziliansinger Thanks, Raffa. You write some pretty good songs also.

Thanks for sharing your ideas šŸ™‚

There is no rush to write a song. When an idea comes it will be something
that is good or not so good. If it needs work just work with it from time
to time. Keep a pen and paper handy. Anything can become a good song if it
has something interesting or funny and musical. Never give up. Thanks.

@Featureman Geez, that’s much appreciated, thanks!

Hey, these are some pretty good ideas. As unfortunate as it is, I’m not a
song writer, and definitely not a singer. Lol, I really have no talent at
either, but thanks for the thoughts and ideas in case I ever wish to give
it a try.

@nickeax I thank you and I encourage everyone to watch your videos.

“You can write about a fast car. Or even a fast girl” Haha gold

@rstephensonable Thanks. It did work on some occasions in the past like the
songs Sink the Bismark (Original spelling) and The Man Who Shot Liberty

@PeterThenn Thanks. I will have a higher volume in the future. I probably
had the mic too far away.

Great ideas, as always. You’re a great contributor Mr. Willet, thanks.

@IWannaGetFamous Thanks, Alex. You already write some pretty good songs.

interesting ideas. unfortunately im not a songwriter but i’ll send this to
my friends that are