Songwriting: Getting an “Indie” Chord Sound, Turning Open / Bar Chords into Smaller Chords

Here are some thoughts on turning open and bar chords into smaller chords. It’s kind of a ramble, but some pretty good info from my direct experience. “Indie…
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Could you do a few more lessons about Neutral Milk Hotel and maybe Brand

Thanks man, this video helps me understand from a theory perspective. I’m a
drummer by nature, so i end up playing alot of rhythmic stuff, but also
hate playing regular first position chords. It is VERY uninspiring. Indie
is a word dumb people turned into a genre of music, but bands like modest
mouse and cursive are great because they are innovative and creative. Love

He reminds me of the vampire kids from southpark :)?

I don’t mean to be a burden or whatever. But I’m a suck ass at guitar and I
just feel like you gotta get into detail, because half the time i dont even
know what strings you have your fingers on. So Brett you’re probably my
only hope in perfecting songs by Mumford & Sons and other songs like that
so, in future time help me out with such things. For my skill in guitar is
a clumsy Mexican boy. #HELP?

nice video, check out my videos too.?

What is it that you are doing at 13:52 ?
You call them 2 note things and say they sound sadder?
I’m curious because i really like that sound?

Hi, this video is (once again) very interesting and helpful! I was
wondering if you could be bothered to check out the lead guitar parts on
Jaime and Alex’s guitars on the track “Suck it and See” from Arctic Monkeys
and if you can figure it out, teach it? There are tabs for the acoustic,
tabbed version all over the internet but I cannot find proper guitar tabs
for their lead guitars. (If you have time). Thank!

The times I am specifically wondering about are 29 seconds in to 1 minute
and 2 seconds in. The rest essentially repeats and the bridge and second
verse I can probably figure out if I put in the time. I am mostly baffled
by the part 29 seconds (right as the multiple guitars come in) to 1 minute.
The rest of the song seems to pretty much repeat or use straight forward
chords. Their performance at the Itunes Festival might be a useful visual
aid if you look that up. Thank you!

Dude this video actually helped alot for a sound i was looking for cause im
really starting to get into that indie kind of sound… haha dude and it
looks like youre baked as a cake but thanks for the tips

Good, helpful vid. I teach a songwriting summer camp at a school I teach
music at and been thinking about doing a video similar to this…. it makes
a lot of sense. Thanks for taking the time (though I wish the quality was

glad the vid was helpful:) yeah, when i used to write a lot of songs, i’d
often have to simplify the ideas into basic chords to come up with lyrics /
melodies / other riffs, then reassemble everything … i think the songs
you were coming up with sounded good … truth is, you just gotta sit down
and record stuff and it’ll happen once you’re good enough at guitar, like
you are already

hey chris, i found my more advanced students liked doing lessons like this
and then we’d make songs in garageband. good way to expand understanding of
moveable chord shapes and students liked being able to play fast down
strokes on little chords higher up. sometimes i make higher quality vids,
but usually i just have to make them right away when i have an idea or it
won’t happen. you should post up some vids on YT, it’s fun and people tend
to appreciate them:)

hey, glad to hear the vid was interesting and helpful:) if i find time, i’d
be happy to help. remind me if i don’t post after a few weeks. which times
in the song are the parts you’re talking about? if you could give me the
time ranges that would be helpful

thanks, i’ve been watching a lot of leonard susskind physics lectures and
got inspired ha:)

sorry- meant “as an alternative to power chords” there at the end

Hey, that’s cool:) If you want to post a vid response with some of your
ideas, others might appreciate it

thanks valiance:) glad the vid helped you out!

thanks a lot! this is some really helpful stuff