Songwriting Part 1: Songwriting Ideas

http://www.learn-piano.org I’m going to take you from the beginning to the end, how to compose piano music. Each month I’ll post new more advanced videos tak…


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Dude is looking beside the camera as if someone was filming him, then he
starts to look at the camera. People, whatever you do, use the black keys
to compose, even as a beginner! Put color and gradient. If you should start
with boring cliche progressions, this is not a good start.?

OMG He looks just like Christain Bale LOL?

Dude, your voice is far too relaxing. This isn’t even the video that I
wanted and I can’t escape.

Ok it all depends on the chords. For the purpose of these videos you only
have to use one scale as all the chord progressions stick to the same key,
they are all chords from one scale. But if the chord progression changes
key then you just have to make sure the melody notes follow the change too,
hope this helps. Ben

Dude, you look exactly like peter gabriel in the old Genesis days. Good
lesson p.s.

check out my keyboard and drums video.

Well if you can wistle , it’s a start, if you can make up tunes that way
then it won’t take much learning of the piano until you’re able to conpose
lovely tunes šŸ™‚

i love the melody you started playing at 3:10 it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! thank
you so much i’ve always wanted to compose songs on the piano i’ve done 1
but its not that good

Somehow a comment was previously posted here under my name. I never make
fun of people’s videos. And when I speak I use proper grammar, I have
deleted this comment. Your videos are amazing. That comment may have been
made for someone commenting on you and I was angry with them. You play
beautifully, I have used your videos and they have inspired me to learn the
piano. Thank you so much, and If any misconceptions came about. I am deeply

dude you look like george kollias!

Niceuser1234… No one asked you to watch this video…

@learnpiano Is it true that if you write a song on your own and have an mp3
to show for it on your harddrive that it can be used as “proof” instead of
copywriting directly?

Thank you for this amazing series of videos! I have one question. lets say
you play a a progression of 4 chords, do the melody notes have to
change/jump to the scale belonging to each chord? or is there a scale that
fits to the whole group of chords in the progression? to me this is very