Songwriting Secrets: Modulating Between Keys Using the 2 5 1 Progression

In this video I’d like to show you a really cool trick for modulating between keys using the 2 5 1 harmonic progression. Modulation is the big music-theory w…
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what chord is the C/B |C C/B |Am D7 | G | or is it bass movement only?

So for example: if i was in the key of C and wanted to go to the key of A.
Can i still use the 2-5-1 progression??

wow this is what i need.. i am so happy that i found this short lesson..
thank you very much…?

Very good video, It’s interesting how you choose the chords to introduce
change, for example, c-am-dm-g-c-em-am-*fm-Bb-Eb….?

One question.. do you have to end on the 5 of your first key before you go
to the 2 of the new key ? ?

Very helpful tutorial. Thanks man! :)?

Your videos have helped me a lot, I am a student of classical music but I
belong to a group at my church and your teachings have helped me a lot,
thank you for sharing your knowledge, use the Google Translate My English
is bad, every time I hope your video forward to learn much more, thanks …?

Good stuff as always, back in my composition days I used to like to throw
in a dom7 on one of the existing chords and use that to pivot; say on the
last beat of that chord. Thanks for these videos ! ?

How do you know what voicings to use? When do you know that you have the
option to do a Fm9 instead of just Fm??

very helpful but what about in a minor scale???

As always, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, you really are
an exceptional person. If you get chance I would like to show us some
examples to move from larger scales to smaller and viseversa. Again, thank
you very much. Ah!! … my English is also thanks to Google Translator

Great video for clarity for the beginner :)?

Beautiful! Learned a lot! Thank you so much!?

How do you modulate to Eb major from a song in C major that only uses C,
F and G. I know you’d have to play the 2 5 1 of Eb (F minor 7, Bb7 and Eb
major ) but when do you play them? Playing F minor 7 after C, F or G
doesn’t sound too good and going back to C from Eb using D minor, G7, and
C major doesn’t sound much better. You started your example with C, F and
G but you played a 1-6- 2- 5 before modulating to Eb. How would you do it
just using the 3 chords in C??

thank you for this nice way to learn progression well done !!?