Songwriting Series in Reason Part:7 Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth

This is Part:7 in the Songwriting Series in Reason. In this video I use the Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth to correct my vocal and add backup vocals.


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@ E.J,

First I will say it is so important to sing in key. After that it is best
to use Neptune as the pitch + – is crude compared to the Neptune. The
issues you are having is most liking happening because you are exceeding
the pitch’s + – capability.?


Do you know why vocals get grainy or bubbly when activating the pitch? I
can’t get a smooth pitch adjustment (- or +) even when the vocals are
recorded smoothly. Thnx. ?


Thanks for the tutorial. Your track kinda sounds like it could be a Styx


Hey man, great tutorial – learned a lot!
1 question tho: With this Neptune, are you able to simply pitch down your
audio real-time, like heard in several rap songs? If u know what i’m
referring to? ­čśŤ

Thanks in advance ­čÖé ?


Would it be possible to voice synth just the delay signal from a delay? So
the echo’s were synthed but the vocals remained the same??