Songwriting Tips – Best Place to Start

This songwriting tip is the best place to start learning how to write music. http://muteprophet.bandcamp.com/
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Thoughts on songwriting
Speaking thinkingbabout sound articulating the sensation of the an idea.

And sing stuff.

The Imidiacy is poetic political
And helps a sing to begin

Ideas define the shape and nature of song.
Thebprogress of these paths to heaven have surprises positive and failure. Dissuading material is also useful.

Exhausted searching for a room
Scribing only what's wise
Heaven looms and knows all
Me gophers bark for you.

I guess that's it so far

The idea now I'm looking for is catches chorus'?


Incredibly insightful. I really enjoy your methods. They work!?


Thank you very much Mute Prophet Band for taking your time to make these videos. They are extremely helpfull. šŸ™‚Ā ?


thankyou sir…I had already started attempting to study music and do what you call reverse engineering…This is so helpful in guiding me to this…I learned theory first though lol?


Love your channel man, mad helpful, I love the way you make things easy to understand. The only issue I run into is a lot of the music I listen to is on more than just six strings. It's so annoying, or the band is underground with no tabs. Do you know some bands that have dark intervals and pretty solo's I guess djent wise. So far I got Intervals-Tapestry, all new materials-periphery, veil of maya-we bow in its aura (mowgli), Auras-Aporia tabs. So you can understand where I'm going. I can play these songs, but I want to deconstruct those songs. When I learn scales they sound like you were talking about earlier with the minor pentatonic lick you did in extended arpeggios, linear.?


so what are good sources for pro tabs? ultimate guitar has this pay wall for tab pro online :(?


Very helpful lesson. Ill try to do this, but I feel like my knowledge on drumming is very slim lol.?