Songwriting Tips & Techniques : How To Write Song Lyrics

Learn some tips on writing the most important piece of any song in this free video clip, the lyrics.

Expert: David Jackel
Bio: As a singer, David Jackel knows the dire effects that a cold can have on his ability to perform.
Filmmaker: David Jackel

Grammy Award winner Jesse Harris share his songwriting secrets onboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.
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I love Jesse Harris – he's got a new album out now titled "No Wrong No Right" and I seriously suggest checking it out.?

You're an inspiraton Jesse. I've been a songwriter for a long time, but I get stuck on how to promote my music to the next level. I wrote a beautiful piece that I feel would be perfect for Celine Dion and it's in French. Record companies don't accept unsolicited material, what do you have to do? Check out my song "Sainte Marie' on you tube.

Above all, don't sell your soul in the process of writing your song…lol Or you know where you are going after this life ends. What?

To learn the real formula of writing a song, search for "The Hook" by Nelson Montana. If nothing else, you'll get a good laugh.

"How do you write songs?"
"Write a lot of them."
"But…fracking HOW?!?!?!"

who the hell is operating the camera ? lol

@poopyscoopy5 I agree it could have been a little more in depth informative. However I'm as sure as the day is long you can find some guy in a coffee shop tell you how good he is, problem is that douche that you'll get to talk to you doesn't have the hardware or the credentials this guy has.

I dont know how to write music, but I have so many ideas for lyrics :/

i can melodies down like a fuckin duck to water(im not trying to be full of myself) But the lyrics always get me.

@LadyMaiwyn ya same here…thats why im watchin this video…i have lyrics, but im having trouble coming up with a melody that sounds good

check out my channel for more vids on chord progressions and melodies.

Still asking the same question …who?

is there anything worse than having your own song insulted?

Come To San Antonio, Texas!!!!

I would love to be on that bus

He won his Grammies for Norah Jones' hits. That's probably all that you've heard by Jesse, for the most part. He's a member of Conor Oberst's band Bright Eyes and has written some stuff for jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux.