songwriting tips for lyrics and making beats on time crunch

Songwriting Tips for Lyrics and Making Beats on a Time Crunch

“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose – a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.” (Mary Shelley)

When inspiration comes at you, it strikes with words, melodies, & music that can often seem overwhelming. It can be such an information overload that if sidetracked for one slight moment, all creative ideas could be lost. The most important thing to know in times of inspiration is acknowledging the desired end result.

Here are 3 Songwriting Tips for Lyrics and Making Beats on a Time Crunch:

1) Capture your Lyrics and Theme: Lyrics are Simple. Keep the words flowing on paper, keep them coming until there is nothing left. ‘Afterwards’, figure the theme and song title, then edit, and arrange lyrics.

2) Choose your Song Melodies: Melodies can be a bit trickier.Some melodies can sound great but when adding the words, they get hard to understand or too complex to be enjoyed by your fanbase. The best thing is to get a small recorder to record those great melodies that come randomly. Then, when new lyrics are finished, go through the melodies and see which one blends with the lyrics. This process can transform average melodies to solid hooks. If you need to come up with melodies on the spot, just get on the mic, adlib and record until you find the melody that fits your lyrics.

3) Making Beats for your Songs: Music can be the most challenging because it can be hard to discern when a song is completely ‘finished’. The most important thing is to know your style of music and fanbase. Are you writing songs for yourself, the underground, for a particular style or for the radio? After determining your audience, the last factor is can you listen to the entire song and not hear ‘a thing’ wrong with it? Can you live with the instrument performance or can you ‘really’ do it better? Now this method is assuming that your ears have been technically trained to hear too much compression, eq, an unbalanced mix, etc. If you’re unsure, get a second opinion from someone you know in the industry or who has great sounding productions. Ask them to shoot straight and be honest with you. Once you can listen to a song from front to back without something ‘bothering you’ creatively and technically, it is a sure sign that your song is as complete as you can get it. From there, the ultimate test is to make sure you and your fan base are happy with your creativity.

These 3 Songwriting Tips can help bring clarity to those emotional explosions of inspiration, prevent loss of focus, and can help you write more songs in less time…

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how to stay inspired during challenging times

How to Stay Inspired Writing Songs during Challenging Times

“The truth is, there’s no better time to be happy than right now… Your life will always be filled with challenges” (Richard Carlson)

How many times have you stopped music production due to crazy circumstances in life..  How many times have you put your desires on hold because of fear and uncertainty? How many times have you done these things and then realized everything works out in the end?

Here are some tips on how to stay inspired writing songs during challenging times:

  • Spend an hour chillin, make sure NOT to do anything pertaining to work, Just reflect…
  • Take time to remember where you were a year ago and the year before that…
  • What were your challenges then – do you even remember them?
  • How different are you from that person a year ago or are you exactly the same?
  • Do you still have the same group of friends – if so, if not, why?
  • Have you picked up that instrument you have always wanted to play?
  • Are you producing music as often as you would like?
  • Are you listening to the same music or have you been exploring new sounds?
  • Has writing songs touched new realms or are they still the same?

The path of the song writer and music producer is always about growth and the expression of your experiences… Taking time every now and again to uproot everything, to reflect, and to see what is truly around you can be inspiring, can provoke much growth, and can be a push of encouragement in challenging times…

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stay content during your day

Stay Content during your Day and Increase Music Productivity

“I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content” (Saint Paul)

If it was our choice, we would write songs and make music every second, every minute, and every waking moment of every day. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The majority of time it seems like day-to-day activities come first and whatever time leftover at the end of the day is spent on music…

This week, no matter how busy your schedule is, stay open. Stay content during your day. During the times of other activities, keep your mind on your songwriting and your music. Always keep a pen and pad of paper with you to jot down any ‘idea flashes’ that flash on your ‘brain screen’ before they can escape. If you have access to a portable recorder or smartphone, keep that with you for sudden melody ideas too. Start a song idea list and maintain it daily.

Even though our time feels wasted doing other non-musical activities, that time is actually the most valuable. You will be itching to write songs or make music and that will increase your music productivity. When our mind is occupied doing non-musical activities or taking a break, we allow ourselves available to new song ideas, melodies, or any other type of creativity…

By staying open and positive in any circumstance, we can make music all day long and still have time to live…

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take a risk

Take a Risk and Write a Song that is Different


You know you are a true songwriter and music producer when you go to work, out on the town, on a date or even when sleeping and all you can do is think about making music. The love of music includes networking, finishing your music and working on your music business, all which can be both mentally and physically draining when thinking about it ALL the time..

This can both be good and bad…

To most people around you, it may appear that you are extremely dedicated to your love but the reality is having music on your mind to that extent can reduce making music to just thinking about it. When I used to work a day job, I used to fantasize all day about playing my guitar – from when I got up to on the way home… Then when I got home I procrastinated and some days didn’t even play!

It’s so easy to spend all day planning and talking about music non-stop but never take action and write a song, pick up your instrument or make a beat.

Instead of doing your norm this weekend, do something you haven’t done before or something you haven’t done in a long time. Go for a walk, take a trip to a park you have never been and walk, or drive around town in an area you enjoy. Then watch your thoughts, watch your emotions, and watch your fears… Just pay attention, see what they’re doing… If the urge comes to write about them or if you have no desire to write but want to indulge the moment, so be it…

By stepping outside of the norm and doing something different, take a risk and write a song that is different, it will push different thoughts, different emotions, and give new inspiration to life and music… In turn this will start a whole new dialogue of songwriting ideas, melody ideas and new approaches to making music productions.

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