Songwriting Tutorial – Part 3 – IMPACT Writing

The Songwriter Station is a series of tutorials on the art of songwriting. The series is written and presented by the UK based published contemporary compose…
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Johnny I tried you’re impact writing technique and I have to say I think
the song I wrote is pretty catchy. I haven’t stepped out of the key of C
yet and the top line melody were notes I used within the chords but still
it’s a good song. I’m just hoping some other asshole out there hasn’t
written the same melody. Anyway johnny thanks allot for the advice because
until I got it I had no idea how to write a song. So cheers again and all
the best in the future.. ?

That was really cool…I’m a music theory student, I write songs, and I
love these kind of tutorials…thanks you so much for sharing your gift of
music and teaching it! Your a gem! Good things happen to you….!
Obviously….thanks again.?

please explain lift chord and hanging chord and how to find them??

Great video, Jonny! I took some notes in relation to the nashville number
system. Not sure if my notation is correct for the drama chord though. Cool

Example in C Major

Lead Chord – I
Hanging Chord – V
Lift Chord – IV
Relative Minor – vi
Optional Minor – iii
Drama Chord – iv# <--- F# Minor in CMajor Where to use these chords Verse Rules: Start with Lead Chord ( I ) or Relative Minor ( vi ) End with hanging chord ( V ) Chorus Rules: Start with Lead Chord ( I ) or Lift Chord ( IV ) End with either Lead Chord ( I ) or Hanging Chord ( V ) Bridge Rules: Start with any minor chord: Relative Minor ( vi ), Optional Minor ( iii ), or Drama Chord ( iv# ) Can end on any chord ?

So good man, Thanks! Hey if you wouldn’t mind Im interested in knowing
where the F# minor fits diatonically (does it fit)? or is it just a great
sounding passing chord??

Hi Jonny,

I found your videos really helpful 🙂 Thanks a lot.
Just one suggestion however. Theres a ringing sound on your videos that
makes it a bit of pain in the ears to listen to. Would be such a pleasure
to view if you could get rid of that.?

hey jonny its kane, james told me to look you up on youtube so i did 😉

Brilliant, thanks so much for your help! Keep up the great work man! Jimmy.

would be interesting to hear your approach on minor writing

Hey Rick, thanks so much for your positive comments:) I’m glad you’ve found
the tutorials useful. I will upload more when I get the chance. I’m busy
doing the actual writing at the moment but as soon as I get the chance I’ll
get more vids up! Jonny

Hey Carl, thanks dude:) Minor key impact writing is actually much easier to
explain to be honest…its all either played in 2/4 or 4/4 with the
relative minor / lift / lead / hanging…so in the key of Am it would go
Am/F/C/G or in the key of Em for example it would go Em/C/G/D,etc. The
“beat making” video touches on it. Hope this helps. Is there anything you’d
particularly like to see in a future video? Jonny

hi you mentioned hip hop impact writing…yes pleeeeaaasee;-)

Hey:) Checkout Part 4 – “Beat Making”. Hope it helps! Let me know if I can
do more to help you if you want to know anything specific. Jonny

Hey Carl, no its fine dude don’t worry:) I think I’ll put one out on this
subject in due course. For the meantime check out part 4 “beat making” this
might help you understand how minor key impact writing works in both 2/4
and 4/4. Have a great weekend! Jonny

Jonny i’m liking the Coldplay I’ll give this a try Thanks