Songwriting Workshop II with Larry Dvoskin

Songwriting Workshop II with Larry Dvoskin

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Some good stuff here. But no mention’s made of the low level of popular
songwriting in the modern era. It’s a very long way down from the Platters
to Kelly Clarkson. No one will be playing KC in 10 yrs. “Smoke Gets’ will
always be heard somewhere. How about talking about that. Popular
songwriting won’t get better before it’s acknowledged the level of crap
that’s being generated and released. You might get paid for landing a J.LO
cut but is anybody proud of the work? Aim higher.?

Funny you mentioned stairway to heaven Tyler…I wonder if today that song
would even get airplay. I doubt LZ would allow them to butcher it down to 3
1/2 mins . But I feel the same way…I don’t even listen to the radio anymore
because it’s all generic crap with no substance ! If artists wrote music
like the 70’s era sound I’d be all over it…unfortunately the younger
audience today are programmed . I’m the same way when I attempt to write
…if it isn’t comparable to anything before the dance music and hip hop
train…the perfectionist part of me takes over and says ahhh f@%# it ! I’m
hoping I’m not crippled by arthritis when the world decides what good music
is ,and what makes it on the radio.?

Songwriting Workshop with Larry Dvoskin
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Dam background NOISE!!!!!! CHRIST! ADD CENTRAL!?

the last parts were awesome very intuitive thank you?

Go to “Nelson Montana How To Write a Song” And it will all become
painfully clear.?

this workshop is amazing. I am a HUGE fan of Larry Dvoskin as of right now.?

Larry is the coolest. Got a lot of out of this! ?

1:07:11 I think that dude just ate one…?

wow. that song flip was night and day.?

A hit isn’t necessarily a good song. The piano is the ultimate litmus test;
if it is compelling on the piano, it probably has substance, because the
piano doesn’t deceive with texture. The guitar produces very naive results
usually; people are fooled by voicing.?

Why does everyone who talks on these have accent??

For a school about music you sure don’t know shit about recording audio.
Great video though. Next time use some LAV mics on the guy and maybe an
omni mic for the rest of the class pls. ?

all the hater comments all i have to say is if it was easy to write a hit
or even copy someone from the radio and get noticed everyone would do it,?

Great info. I’m really enjoying this series. One small thing though, and it
really doesn’t matter to the point of the series, but the quote he wrote on
the board, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a singe step.” (or,
more correctly “begins where one stand.”) is a well known Chinese proverb
written by Lao Tsu (Laozi) in the Tao Te Qing, but it also commonly
mistakenly attributed to his contemporary Confucius.