FL Studio 11 – The Secret To Mastering (Producers Dont Want You To Know This – @Iamdtruman)

Have a favorite producer? Have u heard of a producer on SoundClick who material you like?
NOW! Have you ever ask that producer, How do you get your beats to sound like they are mastered on FL Studio to only get s**ted on just for wanting to learn how to get a good mix like they have? Well, no worry cause im gonna show you exactly how to get a great mix using FL Studio. This tutorial will show you how to clean up the instruments, a great way you can use the EQ, AND, a great way you can balance ou the frequencies in your mix. Just follow these simple steps and you too could have a great sounding mix all from the comfort of your home using FL Studio.



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Here’s a new tutorial for all our home recording enthusiasts out there! This is a really easy way to get that volume back into your track that you exported out of Garageband using Garageband!

Enjoy šŸ™‚
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