Pro Tools Production Tips – (Mixing and Mastering)

Pro Tools Production Tips - (Mixing and Mastering)

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In this pro tools production tip, Shawn Vela (velavisuals.com) demonstrates a basic understanding of mixing and mastering music for beginners. Remember, our channel is for beginners as well as more advanced “do it yourself musicians” so please be respectful of everyone’s questions. If you have specific questions please comment your question and we will do our best to respond either by commenting back or who knows, it could be a video. New videos every friday.
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Pro Tools Production Tips (mixing vocals)

Shawn Vela, Co-Founder of Philadelphia Media (production for musicians), demonstrates how to mix vocals in Pro tools by adding exciter to them manually.

Check out how this EQ technique sounds with an end result in this album:

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This is how I do things, and I do work on a professional level (meaning I make actual $ $ $ ). If this is “wrong” according to your college/highschool music teacher I don’t really care. There’s no wrong way to mix or master music, as long as it sounds good then why does it matter how it’s done?

If you want to hear the unmixed vs mixed version of this track you can jump from unmixed at: 4:05 to mixed at 21:05 .

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These tips for Mixing and Mastering will
work with any DAW, just not FL Studio 10.
All you have to do is add your sounds to
whatever mixer track you have for your
DAW and use your DAW’s parametric
EQ and bam! You can do it there too.

Also, I know this tutorial is crazy long and
I know I get carried away when talking.
So I apologize in advance lol. I hope this
helps out a few of you guys and I hope
you enjoyed watching this.
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