Pro Tools Production Tips (mixing vocals)

Shawn Vela, Co-Founder of Philadelphia Media (production for musicians), demonstrates how to mix vocals in Pro tools by adding exciter to them manually.

Check out how this EQ technique sounds with an end result in this album:

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This is how I do things, and I do work on a professional level (meaning I make actual $ $ $ ). If this is “wrong” according to your college/highschool music teacher I don’t really care. There’s no wrong way to mix or master music, as long as it sounds good then why does it matter how it’s done?

If you want to hear the unmixed vs mixed version of this track you can jump from unmixed at: 4:05 to mixed at 21:05 .

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These tips for Mixing and Mastering will
work with any DAW, just not FL Studio 10.
All you have to do is add your sounds to
whatever mixer track you have for your
DAW and use your DAW’s parametric
EQ and bam! You can do it there too.

Also, I know this tutorial is crazy long and
I know I get carried away when talking.
So I apologize in advance lol. I hope this
helps out a few of you guys and I hope
you enjoyed watching this.
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is this the same for rap artist?

I would have just bussed it instead of duplicating the track and maybe automated some de-essing.?

What? You just crank up that make up gain without even listening first? Kids… don't do this at home!

Best advice I'd ever gotten

I don't know about logic because I do not use logic, but I have my ProTools Mbox on a Windows XP laptop and it has been working fine for a large number of years. Good luck.

Hey…. That was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

download hypercam 2 its for free … your vid destroyed your tutorial

i need a engineer get at me if you use protool lets do business no bullshit mane

Thanks for the video Im guessing youd have to put a de esser on this duplicate track as well

lol agreed

@offbeatBryce, actually, but duplicating a track, you amplify the vocals by its absolute square. However, the reason its not amplified as much is because he Eq'd out some of the wave-forms.

Honestly, if you want a fuller sound, duplicate your vocals, and add delays on it (4 -11 ms delays) and pan them hard left and hard right, which creates phasing. It gives you the same result as this but 10x better.

lol yo he pushed his highs up so much that when he masters it, he wont have no room for adjustments without effecting the whole track

My question is whether pro tools, or pro logic, works with Windows XP.

This gotta be the best information I ever got from youtube for protools. Thanx a lot & if dont nobody appreciate yall….J Rill do! Would you happen to have info on using reverb on hiphop vocals?

how do you get the pattern tabs under your track tabs? For me it's only tracks the entire way down :-/?

Hai tyler Thank you so much for teaching how to mixing & mastering. Im produce too. But i dont know how to mix & mastering. Thank you although little bit?

I'm surprised you didn't use any sidechain on the kick and the lead, that kinda destroyed your mix?

I watched the whole thing :O I feel special <3 Great video btw ^^?

There's that guy Raz Klinghoffer , that has some really cool technics, he mixed on of my songs, so if you're looking for an engineer this is your guy?

Why the fuck do you use sausage fattner on the master?:d?

Great video man! Really High quality stuff and good learning for people like me who are producing daily. Its great to see different ways to EQ Stuff and this is a great way :)?

Dope video. I made it through. Lol?

i tried mixing my song and then it sound different, i just put some reverb and it sound a bit echo effect, kinda nice.?

Lmao. The song you've made should be named Sausage Fattener. Sau-sage Fat-ner Sau-sage fat-ner sau-sage fat-ner sau-sage fat-net?

When I do my levels I use the metronome as a reference ?

Hard to mix when the melo is crap… sorry. And cut off all low freq in snares and hihats, makes it cleaner. I never start with the limiter because its makes it harder to mix, add the limiter when you master the track. But a good beginner vid!


low pass filter instead of 2 eq's :-)?

You are the furthest thing from "professional" cause this sounds like a distorted mess of shit.?

if you really want to get a good mix, kill the limiter for now, the trick to getting that polished sound is "headroom" this is the amount of volume that the mix has before clipping can occur. Ā a limiter is managed clipping, so if you have that limiter, you'll just make your headroom even lower.?

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