The Science of Productivity

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A nice animation that sums up some precious tips for productivity.
#productivity #animation

Science of Productivity :

Pretty comprehensive take on the popular subject in 3 minutes.

Plan tasks
Set Deadlines
Track progress?

Can some people not have this ‘zeigarnik effect’? No matter what I do, if I
want to start a project e.g. writing, I start it and then never get the
urge to continue with it. Is there an explanation for this??

A nice animation that sums up some precious tips for productivity.
#productivity #animation

A nice animation that sums up some precious tips for productivity.
#productivity #animation

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How to be more productive!

#productivity #science #asapscience ?

Stop masturbating that wastes a lot of time, literally and you become lazy
& unproductive after and it effects your hormones so you feel generally
unmotivated and uncreative. This single fact is infinitely more crucial
than anything in this video has mentioned. You don’t have to like my post
but you can thank me in your mind 20 years from now 😉 peace?

0:16 Try telling that to Hal Jordan! XD?

thank you so much! this video helped me get better grades ?

I have no problem starting projects, but when I’m 90% done I lose all
impulse to finish it, and most of the time, abandon it.?

I have been multitasking for such a long time that I cannot do monotasking
anymore. As soon as I try to concentrate on one thing, my brain start to be
noisy and unfocused, as if a big part of it was feeling bored by doing
And again, it was worst back when I had two computer screens. It’s really
annoying to be not able to focus on one thing, because I’m never fully
efficient on this thing. Only drawing and reading can fully focus my brain.?

Why does the color of objects fade when kept in sunlight??
A video will help!!!?

Thanks AsapScience! I’m gonna apply the whole, breaking a large task into
smaller task for my new job and my work out training. I’m a newly hired
home appliance sales men, so to learn about fridges, stoves, washers,
dryers, and dishwashers. Comparing features/brands/product
insurance/leasing/ect. Plus with my workout routine I want to run a 27 mile
marathon, and slowly building my mileage, well balancing working a 40 hour
a week job. Thanks I’ll learn to break things down to smaller bits. 🙂
Instead of being overwhelm and not getting anywhere. Thanks again!?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a
habit.” -Aristotle ?

I’ve been doing this and I’ve noticed, while all of this works for a while,
I feel like it’s getting worse and worse and I’m slowly slipping back to my
old habits…

For example for studying, I make a schedule for months and then for each
day and then I go to my study place to study and put on a timer, after the
timer I take a break and then I continue..
At first it worked wonders but then slowly but surely I just got addicted
to those small breaks and my brain could only be focused on the “ok, now
there’s X minutes left before I can go take a break..” so what happened was
that my brain started multitasking on counting the time in my head while I
was trying to concentrate on studying
and slowly all the studying I did was a waste of time as my brain only
concentrated on the counting of time or remembering the schedule but not
actually understanding what I’ve been reading or studying..

I also noticed that as I set a place for my study I’m now totally unable to
study anywhere else, so if I for some reason am unable to go to that place,
I will not be able to do any studying and I feel bad when it messes up my
For some odd reason I have no problems with changing other things such as
start exercise routine or a diet (probably because I found some diets and
exercise routines that are a perfect fit for me)..

I guess there must be other people with the same problem and if anyone has
found a solution for this, it would be awesome to hear.
I’m now sticking with this as it is the only way to keep me somewhat on
track, even though utterly inefficient imho:
Make a schedule in the morning, go to the study place, read, take a break,
read, take a break and then after 10+hours of studying while learning
nothing I go back home, have some free time (exercise and youtube +
whatever), go bed and the next day rinse and repeat..?

The people on the comments section are so professional .?