Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Here Comes My Girl – Songwriting Process

This clip tells the story of how the song “Here Comes My Girl” was written. Interviews with Tom Petty as well as bandmates and engineers. No copyright infrin…


Is this at Sound City? forgive me if this was stated.?

3 people are jealous that they didn’t write this song!?

I love Tom Petty, but he confuses me by saying ” I threw some words in to
it and the whole thing took about 10 minutes.” In his documentary he says
that it’s never that simple to write a song. He’s a genius obviously, I’m
just not sure how to look at it.?

A MASTERPIECE! A CLASSIC! Thank God for Tom Petty! “You had to come from
the south to play that lick.”?

@ Scarlet,love you sweetheart!!!!!!?

Man thanks for posting. So interesting to listen to these guys. They are
among the best in the world. Music royalty. It doesn’t get any better
than this.?

hi katharinee, because tom petty is lucky. 🙂 ?

Thank God for Really talented people!?