Video 01 – FL Studio Tutorials Beginner to Pro – The Basics

Video 01 - FL Studio Tutorials Beginner to Pro - The Basics

If you are having problems with ASIO4ALL – Watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn-ALsG4h2I&feature=player_embedded by FL Studio Guru. It covers the most common problems that people seem to encounter.

This is a 30 minute Lesson. This is the first of a series of tutorials for FLStudio. In this video learn how to get started using FL Studio, along with a overview of how to use the step sequencer, mixer and Playlist. This is a 30 minute HD video.
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I go over the basics of FL studio, mainly laying down notes, instruments and effects!
FL Studio is a digital audio workstation developed by the Belgian company Image-Line. FL Studio features a graphical user interface based on a pattern-based music sequencer.
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You have the best tutorial videos. Ive wtached them all twice.  Thanks so much.  Also, you sound like Bob Odenkirk.?


Awesome, concise video. Thank you very much!?

hey its badger from breaking bad?

that scrolling cloud background is LITERALLY making me mentally ill?

is it just me or the who speaking is Jessy's friend from Breaking Bad series??


It scares me so much to start on this and fail. Thanks for all you do and the encuragement too.?

4:40 – "Preferably illegal copy" ? Hey man.. show some support 🙂   Don't pirate! (just being sarcastic, but man.. it really did sound like you said that ehehhehe)?

I use Turtle Beach PX22 headphones and with ASIO4ALL, the sound quality is really crackly. Tried the PX22 soundcard option and it sounds beautiful. Just a little tip for you guys.?

hey guys i need serious help 🙁
when I create a second pattern in the sequencer it seems to glitch up because I can't drag another sound/scratch/whatever into the sequencer without it replacing whatever sound it was in the first pattern ? it's very annoying can someone please help :)?

Is there any good place to download vst's and soundfonts??

Any tutorials coming for studio one??

this guys , ahah soo funny?

You should really check out NFKRZ tutorials, +OneyMusic. It'll change your life.?

What should I use if I'm a cheap little bitch??

I dragged the SF file onto the kick box and it didn't have any instruments for me to use. any help??

@oneymusic make more fl studio vides they really helped me!?

La raja compadre, es muy fácil de usar y la forma en que lo explicas es muy divertida jaja
You rock dude, it's easy to use and the way you explain it its joyful hahaha thanks, you make respawn my brain (sorry le inglish jajaja) ?

I don't even know where to begin finding out what notes sound good together. Anyone have any advice??

i have auts and cant use this program (i can make a beat and then i fuck my self)?