10 Mixing Essentials – Logic Pro (FFL!)

Head of School JC Concato takes you through 10 mix concepts that will improve your tracks and productions. Try our Logic course for free here :: http://ow.ly/usShE

Point Blank is based in London, the home of electronic music, and has been voted ‘Best Music Production and DJ School’ by DJ Mag. You can learn Ableton Live or Logic Pro via our online courses or in our state-of-the-art studios in Hoxton. More information here :: http://www.pointblanklondon.com
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A few clever tips on mixing live music
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Who the fuck understands a single fucking thing these EXPERTS are apparently explaining???
Fucks sake……?

Really informative and enjoyable. Great tips, and you got a great sound out of that really flat recording session. Completely transformed the drums.

Glad the camera on a slider at the beginning didn't return. Ay!?

Great stuff! Have the song been released yet, and what is the name of it??

Can we know what the track was. was the song released yet? ?

Great tutorial! Thanks you!?

I'm sorry. I kinda have a little bit of OCD and that studio monitor behind that man is not in-between that red and green acoustic treatment and it bothers me.?

They looked pissed off at the beginning lol?

Really enjoy the FFL posts (and many other channels from PB)! Extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing!?

I enjoyed the question about adding analogue compression on the master.  I was driving myself mad wondering whether analogue compressors would add to my mixes (for house music) so I actually went into a studio and ran one of my mixes through an SSL G compressor and the API 2500.  I was hugely underwhelmed and actually thought the UAD and Waves equivalents sounded better.  One mix and just a personal opinion, of course.  There is, no doubt, some benefits in certain instances and you probably start to hear the analogue sound when you are using analogue on lots of tracks, but I'm now of the view that the benefit is fractional (perhaps a few percent better)…so when you consider the cost, spending money on good speakers and sound card is far more important for dance music…until you get to the point when you are earning proper money from it and can afford the cost, hold off.?

very interesting! Thanks for sharing this one?

Too bad it says "try our free logic course" but you can't do anything……. It's just saying whats inside the course….?

What are good plugin for mixing hip hop/rap vocals?

No verb on the toms??? I use verb on toms and snare all the time for a processed sound with short decay time.?

That´s because your sound card in your PC has latency. You should have a low latency sound card, that´s the only way to avoid the delay. Or you could try free software "asio4all". Google it.

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Thanks I just was hired as a live sound engineer and I went to school for it and all.I just want to make sure I hit the ground running when I start

he looks like a depressed parrot