Art of Audio Recording: Recording Guitars – 4. General Micing Guidelines

Art of Audio Recording: Recording Guitars - 4. General Micing Guidelines

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Is he doing the you know thing as a joke??

what we really need to know is how to EQ the amp for the best signal, like:
bass 4, mid 7, hi 5, so we have a sound that the mic likes and can work
with, and not too much of one or the other, is it true that a somewhat flat
eq like the one above is a good start? or should we take all the bass out
and work with the mids and highs??

AKG’s 414’s are some expensive mics. I would say they were top of the line
in any situation.?

he needs to amplify his own volume?

good video, but hate people speaking with flu when they try to breath in

why are you micking your guitars not playing and recording it directly out
of your pod?

@apalmalarrain I’ll check it out bro spanks

What type of mic stand are you using there to hold the SM57 ??

Tries to describe how to mic the amp with his hands… Open grill amp next
to him… America…

I see and does the music note facial hair help with the technique?

Nobody is playing?! come on… without anyone to play the guitar this video
does not make sense..

*sniff sniff* ya know.. ya know.. ya know X1,000

– You have to use your ears for that one. I don’t because I mic separate
speakers. I would keep in mind the 3:1 rule. Take the first mic and measure
how far from the speaker it is then multiply it by three. If the distance
is less than that, you might notice a phase issue even after you align the
time of the tracks, especially with condenser mics. Hope this helps.

so do you not even do reduction eq on the guitars? surely the mixes just
sound really inprecise?

@jaagofficial No idea, but everyone recommends the Shure MS57 or something
like that. Just use the amp you’ve got, unless it’s a piece of crap and/or
you’re planning to get a new one. Just as example I’ve got a Marshall
MG100DFX. As far as cabinets, it better be a pretty good one as you’ll be
placing your mic in front of it! (and amp too as your axe will be plugged
to it D:) so you can find a great sweet spot for mic placement. My amp is a
combo so it’s cab is fixed to the head.

@cameraperson I found a pretty good tutorial a while ago that does this
exact thing. It’s owner’s channel was something like fearedse. *checks*
yeah, that’s him.