Audacity Tutorial How to Sync Audio and Video Multi Track Recording Edit

Audacity Tutorial How to Sync Audio and Video Multi Track Recording Edit

For many more Audacity Tutorials… http://www.makeandbreakeducation.com/membership-options-page/ This Audacity tutorial shows how to sync audio and video. T…
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Hello Andrew,
I am recording a dialouge of a movie and then put my own voice of the
dialouge, but my voice is not good and it doesnot match with the voice of
the actor. is there any way i can match match my own voice with the voice
of actor. May be i cant get a 100% match but at least it should sound
somewhere near the voice of that actor. can i change the recorded voice?

Please help me out.?

Hi Andrew, great breakdown of how to sync audio and video! I wanted to let
everyone also know about DreamSync. I think you actually mentioned it in a
Videomaker.com forum a few months back.
Can you speak to how it helps videographers trying to sync their audio and
video manually by chance??

Hi Andrew.
I record my video footage and Audio all in one file… can I Touch up the
audio in audacity ??

Hello Subscribers,
This short Audacity tutorial shows how you can sync audio and video tracks
when using separate sound and video software.
Thanks for supporting,

My daughter uses Final Cut Pro on Mac – and there’s a sync option in there
where you can sync the low(er) quality audio from the video with the higher
quality audio from an external source. It’s pretty slick and very
automatic. I’m assuming most video editing software programs have a
similar feature, but I like your low tech method! :-)?