Audio Recording Techniques : How to Mix a Song

Audio Recording Techniques : How to Mix a Song

Mixing a song is a subjective art, but generally a song begins with the drums, then the bass line, and then each instrument is added in to layer the sound. Create a perfectly mixed song with information from an independent recording engineer and producer in this free video on music recording.

Expert: Frank Green
Contact: www.digitalmaster.com
Bio: Frank Green, owner of DigitalMaster, moved to Nashville, Tenn., more than 24 years ago to further his music recording and production career.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
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Advice for mixing musically and what separates good mixing from great mixing.

Great mixing is musical, while good mixing is technical. Both are important. Technical means getting balances and imaging right, making things punch, etc. Musical mixing is following the soul of the music. Understanding what’s there and enhancing it, or turning things down that are non-musical.

– Avid Pro Tools
– Waves H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer


All right guys, Matthew Weiss, www.weiss-sound.com, www.theproaudiofiles.com. I got a really cool one for you today. We are basically going to be delving into the process of what separates good mixing from great mixing. Great mixing is musical. Good music is technical. Both are important. Technical means getting balances right, getting imaging right, making the things punch and do what you want them to do. Musicality is following the sound of the music, understanding what’s there and enhancing that or turning the things down that are non-musical. So, let’s give a little listen to this track right here.

[music 0:44 – 0:54]

It’s got a cool boom-bap, break beat kind of vibe. I like it. Anyway I’ve felt that even while I already pre-treated everything, it’s technically correct, I feel like it could be a little more interesting and more exciting. So, I’m going to flip this out of bypass and play it again.

[Music 1:14 – 1:25]

I’m going to flip it in and out just so you can hear the difference because it’s subtle.

[Music 1:29 – 1:43].

Right, it suddenly comes to life and in a much more, musical way. Well, what I’m doing is I’m enhancing on the idea of phrasing. The bump-ba-do-ba-do-ba-dump-ba-do-ba-do-ba-dump-ba-do-ba-do-ba-di-bi-di-bidump. That’s the phrase and so there are components to this phrase. When we break down the sample.

[music 2:09 – 2:15]

We have this brass band hit that happens on the down beats and then we’ve got a solo, well it sounds like an alto sax coming in and doing that do-do- do-do/do-do-do- do-da-dump, the lead line basically. I wanted to enhance that dynamic more so what I did is I grabbed an equalizer and I set it so that as it plays it’s automated.

[music 02:42-2:48]

On the down beats I have this 870 Hz turned up by over six decibels. That’s that “doump” that’s coming out. So, every time that down beat hits, the 80 hertz pops out. Now, when it switches over to the lead line here, I found the timbre of the alto sax, the tone that made the alto sax really pop out and just while the alto sax is playing that lead line, I have that boosted up by almost 5 dB.

These are fairly dramatic boosts but because they’re switching in and out, they’re not constant, you can get away with doing a little bit more. So, now it’s more 80 Hz on the down beat, more, what, 2.3 kHz on the lead lines and it switches back and forth so not only are we enhancing that phrasing, but we’re also creating a tonal contrast, which makes the entire thing way more interesting.

Anyway, the lesson to take away from all of this is when you’re constructing your music and doing your mix-down, think in terms of musicality. What are the dynamics of the record and how can I bring that out.
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The bad problem I have is that I can't understand all he say , coz I got a bad english?

Wow about time someone said it right! LESS IS MORE!!!!! Today everything is so over compressed and squashed music has lost all dynamics and integrity! We'll never hear a Zep 4 or Rumours album again which is sad! I have gone from analog to digital in the box cause tape is way to expensive and boy i miss my analog board and outboard gear! Great video! ?

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I have yet to find a tut on mixing that explains it in detail?

What is the volume level for a final mixed song before mastering -6?

Basic info. but soloing out drums is not such a good practice up front push up all faders and weed things out. 
this is really pre recording 101. vague but slightly useful. ?


you said in 5 minutes what others couldnt say in 5 hours

full respect


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This video helped so much ?

Sounds like I have a lot to learn. Better get started.?

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Been recording people for 15 years..you can have a million dollar set up..but it aint worth nothing without the best mics money can buy! and talent is the truth..engineers can do so much but the artist really has to be talented!

I remember when I first got mine.

I was so young…

once you have finished mixing a track you have to record your mix and then master it, so if you add to much of somthing during mixing then you would have to go back to the beggining and start again. especialy if you are using analouge mixers because these dont save your mix. hope that makes sence

Thats a discreet tissuebox back there?

Mixing is a very intuitive thing. A very visual thing…Will knowing the ins & outs of compression and things like that benefit your mix? Of course it will. But listening to live music, and catching whats driving you to wild out is just as equally important…I hear alot of songs (especially on the radio) and though they sound great technically… There somewhat flat. Like the Master himself Bruce Lee said "We need EMOTIONAL CONTENT." lol peace yall?

How is he doing the EQ automation here?  Can this be done with the stock logic pro 9 EQ plugging??

hmmmm….. can i ask something?…. what kind of mixer is that one??

No offense but I was expecting something more than a simple eq plugin automation trick. I think it's a great tip but it doesn't do justice to the title you picked for the video. There is much more to it than this. Just my opinion?


very well explained.?

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