[Creator Tutorial] Setup OBS for Local Recording – Recommended Settings

Fast and straight forward guide to setting up OBS to locally record on your PC. Including recommended settings and in-depth information to tweak your setup for maximum performance. Check below…


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thanks mate helped allot with my recording!!!?

This was so useful! Thankyou so much! Your audio is clear and you explained
everything perfectly 🙂 I have one issue that you may or may not be able to
help me with 🙁 I have a usb headset its the best mic I have ever owned the
sound quality is so amazing recording in any Program!…..apart from
obs….when I am talking on skype it’s clear and everyone can hear me
really well, but when I listen back to the recording I have a very annoying
buzzing noise. when I mute my mic it stops and hearing the game and other
people on skype is clear as day, it’s not the mic being damaged or anything
as it records fine in all types of programs, any ideas on what could be
causing it? Thankyou again for the help on the video quality! If only my
sound was okay! ?

I’ve been having issues where when I record the cinematics for a game (like
an intro or end credits scene), the preview and recording becomes
completely black. I’m playing on a laptop, and I’ve tried changing the
source to window mode and running it in compatibility mode with it, but the
screen remains black. Any thoughts??

how do I find my recordings ? any1?

Hey Larry 🙂 So, Im newish to OBS, i only usually stream with it, in the
Encoding area, you unticked CBR, as you said its only for streaming, can i
tick it whenever i want to stream again, and all will be good? ?

I’m getting some REALLY crappy audio, but my mic is a very good one. It
almost sounds like an echo, but an unnatural one. It’s weird. Any help??

I tried to initiate a recording, but a dialogue box saying “Cannot
initialize desktop audio sound, more info in the log file.” pops up and
then OBS closes. Should I maybe change my desktop audio settings??

when I go to watch my videos they are all going fast , an the screen is
blank , I set it up how u said , but could it be that I dont have any data

I can only get the date and time nothing eles!?

Whenever I try to record, I only get my audio outputs and no video. It’s
not even black screens. It’s just nothing. All it records is audio… I
think this has something to do with my moniter being 1600×1200 in size, so
I changed a couple aspect ratio sizes, but the preview and recording
windows all show the game perfectly fine…

It only does this in my editting software for some reason. I don’t quite
know why. It also does this in MOST video players… Only one of them plays
it… It’s weird… Any fix??

This guy literally sounds like tom hanks!?

my brodcasting settings are different looking help?

Help? When I try to record, the ending result is a very laggy video, how
can i fix this? What settings should I use to record FPS like

My video is showing only this top right corner of my game when i record and
look at he preview i have it set for 1280 by 720 and my monitor is 768 so
should i just stay with 768??

i dont know what my reselotions are of my monitor , can i just select that
i capture 1 monitor??

okay… 2 replays: one is named ‘thresh 3 rly nice scenes’ and one is named
“thresh godmode” – which one isnt working? right!
yesterday again 4 replays: 1 is named “namisupp the real carry incl
quadrakill” – which replay isnt working until “unable to load spectator
data – game will now exit”? right!
those “replay systems” made a fool out of me big times
it’s finally time to set up OBS for local recording – and your videoguide
is truely awesome… i downloaded this program a while ago and knew about
this possibility but the settings scared me cuz i have no idea about it.
After watching your guide, i feel confident to do it.
Thanks a lot, appreciate your work.?

How do i save my vids at mp4? I have .flv now i dont know how to change it?

When I set up my file path what do i set it to? Mine is automatically set
to C:UsersOwnerVideos.flv?

I’d like to say, after disabling CFR and CBR, my bitrate was totally
different! before I could set it to 20k and it would just user 20k+ now it
can be under 1k to 8k even tho its set to 5k. Bitrate and cpu usage
depends on what is going on ingame. still playing with settings tho.?

When I start recording it only captures the screen for 3 seconds, do you
know how to solve this??

When I stop recording, the file I get is just an audio file. But I set it
to .mp4


How to use OBS correctly with low graphic card, I have no nVidia and AMD
and I only have Intel Chipset Family Graphic Card. Please Help!?