Cubase 4 Tutorial: Recording Audio (Part 1 of 2)

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i want to record you tube audio in cubase?

i have a USB microphone is there anyway CUBASE can locate it? it wont work
for me HELP!!! PLZ

you sound jus like tom green.hahahha

@MamaPrada You can set the inputs and outputs independently in Cubase in
the Connections panel, so create a mono input bus and a stereo output bus.

how do change that anoying metronome beat to a garage band stly souding

@beakf1 you have to set up an audio gate. so go to audio then process then
choose audio gate… im on ai5 its probably the same for ai 4 though

how do i set the input to mono if it doesn’t give me that option

Hey there! I don’t have sound on the speakers of my computer, i can’t
listen to anything. How can I have sound in my speakers? I have no
interface just using the soundcard from my computer. Cheers

@beakf1 showed up as an option in my asio input output.i selected them and
it was working with my zoom and not my laptop headphones and mic(it was
recording directly from the zoom not the laptop mic) .i hope that helps šŸ™‚

is this ben affleck talking??? lol

@Azatis same problem here… i can record fine in audactiy but not with ai 5

@blootybird It sounds like you’re trying to do it on a stereo track. When
you create the audio track, you need to make sure you create a mono track
for this to work.

Very good tutorial! šŸ˜€ But I have a question. When I play, the blue line
doesn’t go up and down and when I record, it doesn’t work. I play
electronic drums, which are plugged in a mixer, then the amp, and then in
the computer. Also, do I have to put it in stereo or mono?

ok so i have the korg m3. i use the editor software to record the sounds
into cubase 5 as midi. that works fine and all but the problem is when i
try to record the midi as audio. the recorded audio keeps peaking at
certain points.i turn the volume down of the recorded midi track even
decrease the velocity. but the audio still be peaking plz help.would using
the envelope tool be of help?

hey, i have a question.. im currently using a Maya44 from esi as my sound
card it is a 4 anolog in and 4 anolog out soundcard i use it to run
turntables on them… do u kow how i should make my settings in order to
connect it and record my mixes? please respond and thank you:)

Thank youu soo much i had problems with these Mono in out Stereo bla bla
bla shit . You Helped Mee a Loot. Thanks…

@The19SHOTS Again, this is likely to be an interface issue and asio4all
isn’t guaranteed to work in every case. Your best bet is to get a proper
recording audio interface.