Cubase 7 Quick Start Video Tutorials – Chapter 7 – Advanced audio recording and processing (2/2)

Cubase 7 Quick Start Video Tutorials - Chapter 7 - Advanced audio recording and processing (2/2)

This chapter shows you how to work with VariAudio, MIDI drums, Media Bay and loops.


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Media Bay is a disaster. That’s why there’s no slick videos demonstrating
it. “Consult manual” because nobody at Cubase knows how to use it either.?

@williamgatesenson, I think the number of people who became boring
musicians after they learned theory is definitely not greater than the
number of people who became better musicians after they learned theory. I
think it’s more likely that tedious, uncreative people are attracted to
learning lots of “rules” and theory, than many once great artists became
stale after they learned a bunch of “rules”.?

may i ask what’s the difference between outputs and studio ??

Don’t be upset JohnJorge, this is a great opportunity for people to learn
theory by using it. Most learn by doing and if it spreads great music even

I’d like to point out that they changed the setup of the drums from
previous chapters. Before they had a midi track feeding into a VST
instrument. In this video they replaced that setup with an instrument track
playing the same midi, on longer feeding into groove agent in the VST
instruments sub menu. If you don’t change the setup dissolve midi will just
create new midi tracks feeding into one VST, not giving you the individual
audio control shown in the video.

Please read this. At 4:47 you mentioned that later you will show how to use
a vst instrument rack. I watched the rest of the playlist and I didn’t see
it. Did I miss it somewhere?