Cubase Tutorial – How to Make Deep House Drums Like MK with Musicology Online’s Nick Hussey (Free)

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you have a midi file of the snare would be good?


Multiple out from Vst Rack. Or you could desolve midi parts once you've composed a drum part/parts then route your multiple outs for each track.?


Thank you so much for this !?


remember can also use drum editor?


why don't you just open up the outputs of GA 1 instead of  loading multiple instances?


you don't really have to give a kick full velocity to make it the loudest part, just keep everything else down in the mix then you don't get peaking, or boost it with some compression, giving it more velocity should be more for the timbre than the volume? I'm just suggesting something if this way works better then thats fine but that's just what I've encountered?