[Cubase Tutorials] – Step 2 – How to create your first song with Cubase ?

[Cubase Tutorials] - Step 2 - How to create your first song with Cubase ?

What are the basic steps to compose, record, mix and export a music in Cubase ? Final Fantasy VI theme (Tina) used as an example.

Topics :
– Objectives
– Compose
– Record
– Mix
– Export

Details :
– English version
– Cubase 6

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And metronome where is?And vst of Shakuhachi??

Omg you had me at Final Fantasy, hahaha?

Thanks ! So Beautiful played!?

First step : At least you must be able to play a musical instrument well more than one.?

For a second, I thought you'd play the theme from "The Young and the Restless". It's the same chords !?

heya i have an LP-6210C Keyboard and i can't get it to connect to my Mac. It is a USB connection and isn't recognized by Cubase. I'm using a Tascam Us-122MK2 interface to get the audio into my computer. Please help šŸ™‚

How can I record sound with my keyboard from my laptop?

The process of recording is the same in Cubase, it is only the signal you record that is different. To record MIDI data, you need a midi/instrument track to record midi notes (from a keyboard, the piano roll view…). To record AUDIO data, you need an audio track to record the signal (waveform from a guitar, a mic, an amp, a mixer). Regarding EQ, compression etc, this is more related to the mixing stage to fix, enhance the sound. Guitar double tracking is a technique used to get a bigger sound.

These are great tutorials
2 questions.I noticed it was very keyboard-oriented. I'm also going to use a guitar to record(an RP1000.at the moment, it'll be through directly through usb. that might change). How would the process of recording be different under these circumstances. I know some artist record many of the same parts to get a bigger sound & such. Is there any info you can provide on the matter?
Also, you went through EQ'ing quickly. any tutorials or basic info on this?

Great. If the mic has been detected in Cubase it should be fine. Have you activated the monitor button on the audio track to get an audio feedback ? (small orange speaker on the track properties). Enough gain, volume … ?

Alright well I got the keyboard working through midi. I have a AT2020 USB mic and I can't get it to record in Cubase. It shows as my default mic., and in other programs I can see that the microphone is working. However I don't know how to make it work in Cubase. It recognizes that it is there is devices but it doesn't actually pick up any audio or record. No bars move in Cubase when noise is made into the microphone. Any help you can give me would be great, thanks.

Alright, well all of the drivers are USB to Midi so does that mean it's the only capable of connecting through midi? And I will try that as soon as Cubase is finished re-installing, I got some blue screens when opening it, so I'm re-installing it right now to try to fix that. I really appreciate the help and I'll send a message later to let you know where I'm at.

It can be because you may not have a multiclient audio driver, which means an audio driver can be shared across multiple applications at the same time. If your keyboard is listed in Cubase under midi, which is fine, when you play a note you should see the midi meter moving (bottom right of the transport panel). Then if you create an instrument track and select a VST, it should work.

I can't get my Keyboard properly connected. I have a Yamaha GDX 640 and when I go to devices it is only listed under Midi. I want to just be able to play it, any help would be extremely appreciated. Also, is it normal if when I have Cubase open I can't get sound threw my speakers for anything but what's playing in Cubase? For instance, I can hear nothing in this video with Cubase open. I am using Cubase 7 Elements.