Home Studio Mixing Tip – The Road Noise Trick – Music & Audio Mastering

Make sure you can hear EVERYTHING with this little tip.

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that must be fate. when I was driving on the motorway today I had exactly this idea. :-)?

Fucking Adam….you never steer a brother wrong. Great idea, as always! Thanks.?

or grab the audio from a movie where a scene happens on the road :)?

Ha, it's funny you mention this; was listening to Los Lobos "Collosal Head", the track "Life Is Good", and I really like the "outside noise" (in stereo!) on that tune…  Not exactly the same thing as what you're suggesting here, but hey…  a little background noise is a good thing (for certain songs)!?

Oh man… that's a great idea! 

Thanks a bunch. 

I go for about 16 RMS dynamic range through my tracks now. (trying to get things around that level anyway).

Seems road noise would be just below that…. SOooo you can still have a highly dynamic track and it be easy to hear even in the car! 

…No need for this over compressed crap. 

I find this tip extremely helpful to me but I think most people take the opposite approach – they already have everything so loud they don't need to worry about it being heard over background noise. (They just unfortunately lose all clarity due to over-compression). ?

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