How To: Cubase – Mixing Music Like a Pro Part 1

Mixing music can be a complicated process. This tutorial will help to understand the basics of music mixing. I cover the three basic areas of Equalization, Compression, and Reverb.
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This video will get you started with mixing house music with the DDJ-SB.

Music Used:
Leftwing & Kody – I Need You – Alive Recordings

Monday Club – Bent Over – Alive Recordings


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reflex Cubase should have distortion plugins.I've got version 7.5 and that has the Amp rack plugin and that should serve all your distortion needs.If you are using a version of cubase that doesn't have a distortion plugin there are plenty of free ones available.?

Hi, i am using cubase5 and may I ask you a question about reverb issue? In your process of mixing, do you export audio mixdown then import it back to cubase to add reverb to the audio file and pan the two audio tracks to hard left and hard right? When i am done with the mixing, i feel the sound is good. But I was told by my experienced classmate that I should import the audio file and pan the tracks and add reverb to the final product. I tried this but it came out bad quality of the sound. I dont know should i do this still and is there something wrong? Can you help me out? Thanks!?

if you plug in the guitar straight into the sound card and edit the sound with cubase, can you add distortion or do you need one of those interfaces like a Line6 POD or such?? Can anyone help me??

does Cuebase have its own library or would you have to go out and record all the sounds

Great vocals … lol ­čśë

wow just show us the process with an explanation! you speak to much man..

you can not hear anithing up tu 16.000 only if you have problems with you ears

He said "up to about 20k Hertz", which is 20.000.

very nicely explained great videos!


can i use this video on my website for mixing tutorials?

and your youtube user for a link on it so you can click on the butten and it will bring you here to your chanle?

at least they know what house music is?

How to mix a trance music??

Do guy know Raz Klinghoffer the producer? 
Heard his mixes and they were awesome?

I am having trouble with this due to the fact that when I move my cross-fader to the left or right, I can still hear both songs, even though my cross-fader is completely to one side. Can anyone help as this is a brand new DDJ-SB??

Just hit play at the exact moment the other 'drops' with the volume half way. Bring it in over the next 32 bars. sorted?

Did not expect to see crossfader to mix with.?

Hello, another video made by you, including the name of the program you use in the mix "Serato DJ". 
However I think using another program to the mix. 
Please could you tell me which program uses in this video?.
Thanks. Greetings. ?

it's good idea to show how to mix. but you never thought of that it's a promotional video and it comes annoying to talk over the music?you should know that.?