How to export your song for mastering: 6 essential TIPS tutorial

How to export your song for mastering: 6 essential TIPS tutorial

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When you’re preparing your final export to send to a professional mastering engineer, here are 6 absolutely essential tips and tricks to get the best master possible. From Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada. http://www.vespers.ca http://www.facebook.com/vesperspage http://www.soundcloud.com/vespers

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http://www.UnbelievableBeats.com – Shaun gives a synopsis on how to get that LOUD sound using free limiters, compressors, and maximizers, as well as tips and tricks using FL Studio Parametric EQ 2 with the Fruity Compressor, and other demonstrations of WAVES and the BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer Plugins.

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Another person telling everyone to send it to a "professional" fuck that… I'll spend the time to do that shit myself… No one gives a fuck how loud your music is… Just as long as it sounds good enough and you don't have to crank it too high… People don't notice the small details that these "professionals" put so much fucking emphasis on… Nuff said hahahaha?

good point about the second pair of ears, professional ears of course.?

Thank you for the help!!!!?

95% of the online mastring servesice just put your mix true izotope whit an preset on!?

I think it's really good that you tell people to take it to a pro.  Too many people out there who offer to do mastering for $40-60 a song in the classifieds or whatever ripping people off.  Technology is great and has made the cost of producing music for everyone exponentially lower, but it's also exponentially increased the number of folks who unknowingly are generating unusable garbage (audio-wise).  I'm a mix engineer myself and even admit to my clients that I can't do their masters for them…I neither have the proper room nor training to do it and it would be dishonest to take their money saying I can.  ?

Thank you very much for your tips 

I am recording on logic pro x with professional tools such as Apogee Symphony and Thunder Bridge how ever my music is still sounds very very low in terms of volume.

I have to use different types of keyboards such as roland v synth which is very strong but my korg PA is not stronger than the roland so i have to keep the volume down  on the roland when recording… 

on the mix it seems fine but when i export and listen on iTunes compare to professional music the volume is 20x less than expected is this normal?? 

would a sound engnier master the song if the volume is very down and also should i keep it down when recording vocals? even the wave are two small to look at which looks very unmanly lol

Please help  ?

To leave headroom, is it alright to lower thr master volume in order to achieve this or should this only be done using the separate track volumes? And what is the reasoning for your answer? Thanks!?

I always use Auto Filter on Master channel for drop effects but I turn it on only for few bars during the drop. Would that be a big no-no for mastering??

You should not say what his rate is. ?

Thanks a lot man, Looks like ive been doing it all wrong the past 2 years of releasing ! Hopefully this sorts it out 🙂 ?

edward norton makes music????

you just solved some of my problems thank you?

You show tactics on how to make the sounds louder with the plugins, but don't really describe what exactly the plugins are doing the with frequencies and the db's.

What's the point of using the different tactics to the end up at the same place in master? What are the benefits of using the maximizer, over the EQ + Compression??

Hi I can't find anywhere the BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer. Can anyone send it to me please..? ?

A compression ratio of 3:1 is "pretty much a limiter"? No… A ratio of 10:1 or 20:1 is basically limiting. A lot of producers would consider 3:1 gentle compression. ?

you doing anything with the beat? can i lease??

Why not just use fruity limiter??

great sample… most people wouldnt know where you took that one from!?

Thanks Shaun, this video was actually very helpful and informative. Not at all like many that I have watched about Fl Studio Mixing/Mastering, where they give you the wrong impression about some of the great AU plugins like SoundGoodizer or they just don't know what they're
 talking about.?

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you mean that's better to make your whole song without any effect and set the effect only at the end ??

It's actually 10:1 ratio to make anything a limiter.?

do you reallyhave to have that clicking noise on? shits hella anoying?

i just don't see any reason to use that maximizer :/?

Forget sound Maximizer. The new EBU R128 sound standar is comming down hard on the loudness war!?

It's not a brick-wall-limiter when the ratio is at 3:1????

mouse is killin me, thnx for video though?

i dont know if u noticed.. but the music sounds much much better before doing anything.. so louder comes with a price..